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23:35 <@Tekrad> noone else processes owa pages correctly otherwise
i use ff and chrome for owa
does ie do something magic?

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guys unlimited doesnt exist
its like infiniti
its a human construct that only works in science
kbbl minibawziz

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yes ty

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is it supposed to be on fire?
also seeing minibosses in like 4 hours

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tekrad: i was hopinh it would have a sw like interface, draw then dimension w/ relations
its acad clone, tho
seems good, tho

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eagle for speed, pads for features
dicktrace for kids

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no one does for the first year or three
draftsight page is breaking my chrome

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drumstep even fixes pendulum
because its 170bpm rock n roll with real bass

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03:44 <+TekniQue> Draftsight is free
wat dat

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