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holy shit
haha fuck yeah
was testing drum n bass tracks for rms values
so like, you average a whole track, its like 10dB
which is considered the high end of average power for music
im just selecting the sections after the drops
few of them were 7dB
one of them in >6dB crest
shit is like, worse than pink noise

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theres something in there around like 100KHz looks like prob a serial line

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timecop_: its either your device emissions or just the noise floor in your lab, which might have something to do with jap power
your shit probably doesnt have to pass emi/emc compliance =)
its something puksing at a few hundred KHz
its prob a comm line
and the rest is just noise
get your scope away from your monitor or something
i get like ~5mV
Vpp, in both labs ive worked in, with analog and TDS scopes

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mine will do 10A 30V or 5A 60V
this is neat because it can do 50W chipamps
dont have to fuck around with a psu if i just want to test a board

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whats semi affordable?
the shit we use at work is like $10K i think
maybe $20k
tolerance is too closely associated with quality when people use it in speech
i dont remember the name of it

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i think i killed the uC in one of my ecigs
i cant get it apart tho
all press fit and i havent taken any sort of cutting tools to it
im pretty amazed at the high tolerance turning on these things
damn you just broke my head

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yeah i dont get why they call it that
analog - something having the property of being analogous to something else
ecigs are literal analogs
and no
the principle concept of an ecig is a burning nichrome coil
which is analog as fuck

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blackmoon: the ecigs worked
but i kept running out of juice, battery
i should make an order now
does work
i smoke when im stressed

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damn i want a cig
better go now before its too late
i am
i dunno thats like a gram
i guess thats a days worth of weed

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macegr_: stabilizing rockets, done

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