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more powerful than black republican gays

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its a guitar amp even if the supply drops out and the output transformer is shit, itll prob still be fine
then its prob made in china

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warehouse, bay area
go to tools, hit ratsnest or redraw or whatever
just do it
go now hurry
is it fixed
k i gotta go bye
np food bye
a wat
hmm i think mostly what i have is effects pedals
i think we went through this like two weeks ago
its 6v6 and 12ax7, its prob been done 200 times before i doubt its fucked up

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i kinda really liked montreal
it was like los angeles, but with annoyed french people instead of mexicans
yeah that was weird
death cold
get locked outside, game over you die
k but irl, i could only live in CA or WA, i think
OR would be a stretch
that shit is too midwest

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well, like moving kind of freaks me out because like cost of living is so high here
so coming back would suck
except for the bay area!
and i guess NYC
also fuck the 2012 ford focus
i couldnt live in the city
but brooklyn would be cool

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sometimes substitute two tacos in for the mozerella sticks
usually this happens like 2:30am =\
if i lived in n hollywood, there is this awesome thai place open until 3a
or 4a, way late
haha `nico put it in the topic
see the problem with that job is that they probably wouldnt be cool with dreads
alsp my repetitive use of the words 'like' and 'fuck'
i wouldnt be working for him

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i need fewd
i need sleep
i hate it when this happens
i think its tiem for jack in the box
its like 99 for two
usually i get sausage biscuit w/ cheese no egg, w/ orange juice and hash brown sticks, possibly with 3 mozerella sticks

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like right after choenan, right before they shelled the island
north let off three heavy machine gun rounds into the dmz, south fired two rounds back, while i was there
yeah going east was fucked both times
going west is easy
but yeah the 2nd time i was there for like 4 weeks
i was calling the hotel 'home' =\
its that cool?
yeah a lot of stuff like that its good to be there =\

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wat its me
tekrad: in last 10 months i been on airplanes like 18 times for the company
wtf guitars
i dont pay for shit
well, food, and i paid for a rental car this time
wtf is an upgrade on southwest
like i stand in line first?
tho i think im like priority member status at the holiday in express
its cheap and its forgiving
air greyhound
youre early, late, fuckit whatever heres a boarding pass
i left a brush and some toothpaste last time i was at that hotel
and they knew i was coming back so they stuck it someplace for me
left it in my room, heh
same exact feeling as when front desk at korean hotel was like 'wow we think you miss your home'
last year

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fridge is empty

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well you just referred to yourself in 1st person after referring to yourself in 3rd person so now youre just a fuckin inconsistent weirdo

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someone said something in here in the last 10 days with my nick in it
but my scroll only goes back like a day
i got problems
someone op me i need to fix the pitz situation
suki^[tm]: bant
lordpil was ok but youre mostly a bitch
i need sleep
urmom grew up

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