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omfg pain is painful

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omg how did she get that ass
someone needs to tell her ass shes asian

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haha @ web development for cash
and haha @ timecop apologizing for trolling
gettin soft

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usually, but she has confirmed links to mp3s you will like
hell even i liked a couple of them
ha so my midrange isnt in a sealed chamber
and i replaced the original with a 5.25" woofer with decent mechanical excursion
that shit is basically midrange + passive radiator, its totally kicking out of phase with the woofer

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dude you listen to hhc
btw ask isa for some links to some sets shell load you up =)

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ha few of the techs and engineers at work are getting into it
naw i think they like that it kinda flips out older managers and shit
plus it actually does something with the sub
like my newboss (old bosses boss) walks in like OH SHIT WTF DO I GOTTA BE ON FUCKING EXTACY TO ENJOY THIS WTF IS THIS OMG
when we have more protos and havce to test parallel systems, im gonna have the whole building buzzing
fuck kick drums, who cares about kick drums

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then when im up in the bay area, another tech in the lab is going to have bachelor party in palo alto
w/ strip club
so he wants me to come to that
so its like, 3 strip clubs, two weeks
compared to my usual rate of once every 5 years
i will have them spray me down with the bleach they use on the poles

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no in LA
so you better leave early!
dont worry it doesnt start until 10 and her band is billed in the middle so prob doesnt go on until past 11
is a proper strip club, in hollywood
well that is too late
see if you can arrange to leave earlier
omg plscmon<3
haha so we took the guitar factory tech to a strip club last week
also dnb, citywalk, kickball, bunch of diff fewds
yes monday
happy bday to you!
yeah normally i dont do shit for my bday
but bartender is like OH WE HAVE SHOW AT STRIPPER PLACE ON [date before bday]
so im like, hey thats kinda neat, maybe i should do that
but last time i saw her she is like NO WAIT ITS ON MONDAY [my bday] so now i feel obligated

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`nico: status of macebooth
im going to be up there next week
shitty timing
k gl
k monday night im going to bartender girl punk band at a strip club for bday, you are invited
i guess thats tomorrow night

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antelope valley is a strange place

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also you can throw in veggies and noodles and sauce and oils in mongolian
kbbq is bare or marinated meat
with a lot of side dishes
some uncooked, like kim chi or salads, some already cooked
yeah most places will serve a little bowl of white rice

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if people put curry powder on before instead of after cooking, the curry gets in every one elses food
ac-130u: thats korean bbq style
kbbq is raw meat to your table, and either you or your server cooks it at a grill in the table
that size, but theyre gas, and theres always vents in the cieling over the table
mongolian is faster, the meat is always way thin and the grill is hotter

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because we dig everything up and move it and smash it together
monkeyisl: i took the korean guitar factory engineer to mongolian bbq
he dug it, wants to tell his mom who owns a restaurant
monkeyisl: you get a bown, pick out the thin sliced meat you want (here is always beef pork turikey chicken)
put veggies and whatevers and sauce and oil on, how you want
then give it to a guy with at a big circular flat grill
and he dumps your bowl out, cooked it while circling the grill, with a big long spatula
like a machete
sometimes up to three guys will be cooking diff peoples bowls at once

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2222 arent good theyre just more current than 3904, no?
like, 3904 -> 2222 -> 4401
none of them are good but they should all be cheap

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for a 2222?
ha sucky

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