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yeah why would it do that

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heh awesome ^

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possibly must abort all SF plans, maybe kickin it in sac

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would suck to be a girl, having to float over the toilet
but yeah they said it normally wasnt like that
hard jungle, they said mostly it was jump up and dubstep
yeah there was hardly any jump up shit, opposite of LA
i had to bus/bart it back to union city for work with an hour sleep haha
made it 30m early \o/
fine i guess
i kinda work too hard at doing my job instead of keeping it so who knows how long it lasts
haha, no def not everyone, and if people hate me it aint my fault

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`nico: drum n bass at little bar in SF was pretty sweet
2nd to last guy was droppin random shit, haha lots of hard cuts not so much mixing
sound is okay for a little place, but we were like sitting on the subs, heh
oh but last chick
fuckin hard ragga jungle first half of her set, no emcee just the vocal shit in the tracks
then an emcee got there and he wasnt so bad that you couldnt ignore him (except when his mic cable was crackling)
and she did some tech sounding shit for him
kk, its a tiny place tho, perfect kind of dirty

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fuddruckers had veggieburgers
i got it with bacon and cheddar
was fucking awesome
then i got this apples n greens thing from jamba juice
tastes like bananas im kinda like wtf
you know there are new crash mixes multiple times a week, right?
holy shit 110 tracks
saving to manifold
so damn he must just be like droppin em over and over
size looks like 90min set

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tiem to hunt for food at giant minimall

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usb = network
wait is it usb host or device

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guys maybe renting a car is cheaper than a room

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someones life sucks
at least through saturday
preheat, hot air

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'i decorated them with skeletons and a bleeding doll face'
haha yeah 7:00 gets pretty homogay
notice how many girls are there tho
there are gay club gays always trying to drunk suicide on my car coming home from drum n bass
but yeah tons of girls in the line for the ggay club

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wait how do they bend it with screws?

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also i was going to maybe see some tourist stuff and maybe hanging out with other hacker who is randomly going to be in SF on saturday
what do you need
what is really long mexican shoe

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i either reschedule ,my flight to home tomorrow, like rinaow
or i just get room for two more nights
either pay or see if the company notices
because yeah my homie is going to LA for the weekend, who knew
macegr: k if i am here, but im not mobile except train and bus things
ya i dont even have to be the boss
and wtf now
i did this like 5 times between middle of december and february
airport is sunday
rescheduling plane and getting one night room is ultimate fail

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okay other hacker is in sf sat has no plans says he call me then
so maybe i stay
i dont know what that means you need more words
omg i will be here for you bday
yeah but plane is at 3p i think
so only half, and the lame not really awake half

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welcome to public transportation

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but yeah my EE buddy from LA is going to be up here this weekend too
so maybe i just get extra room and do some tourist shit in SF
bart is cheap, easy

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well i f'd up and got my plane scheduled for sun
and the room just until tomorrow
because i got like one day notice and couldnt get ahold of my friend who is always like WHAT YOU WERE UP HERE WHY DIDNT YOU CALL YOU COULD HAVE CRASHED
haha, so hes going down to LA tonight
dunno, but i dont think i can move the flight earlier
i can right now, getting more room and getting earlier flight is the same
yeah but prob not one day in advance
whose door?
we hung out tuesday night
hes going down to LA tonight through the weekend
so if i go home early we can hang out again \o/

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theyve had that for awhile
`nico: status of location?
im in the bay area for like, one or three more days
macegr: also ^
around 5, six
sunday night
because monday i was dead tired when i got bad to the room
tuesday night i barted to the city and hung with my friend, went to a little drum n bass thing
haha barted back to work on one hours sleep, so wed i just crashed out as soon as i hitthe room
it is everything else is def not city
the other side of the hill is 'the city' when im at home
i just drank the water i was using as the ash tray for my joint

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