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left looks worse

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you are adding extra rails or what
its sunday and my kitchen and bathroom are clean
and i didnt have to do it \o/
there is like, sex and spanking and gas money involved involved
also mac n cheese burger
no exexgf
but she got the job!

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timecop_: its basically the first one =)
i think it maybe even comes in soic!
its no rrio =\

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no u

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he routed ovals

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i got no kind of discipline to make music tho
not right now at least, i feel pretty lame in this aspect
k i gotta go
were going to look at graffiti in an art museum so we can feel all cultured and shit

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it has high speed midi io used for programming and debug, but it doesnt have midi control capability that i know of
of course i do
the matrix thing?
or the software interface
yeah i like that thing

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can do your own custom al tunings with the guitar, no pc and software interface needed
ha you go into alt tune edit mode, pick open strings, and it turns itself into a bass
(it references off the 12th fret)
no i wondered about that when i got involved
but guitarists dont want that
its been tried, for decades, it fails
i dont think that new gibson thing is doing as well as they hoped
like, youre doing shit with your hands
so typically effects are handled with your feet
with a 10 position encoder knob
no in dsp jezus fuck
i said on the fly, not wait for novelty toys to get it close enough while you sit and watch
because it gets mixed down in the dsp and output on one codec
it has an aes/ebu interface but dunno how much audio data it can stream through it

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i think we may have aquired propellerhead
not sure, but we do their distribution and marketing, i can get discounts on reason
thats me for like the last year
like, powered down or batteries dead, theres a relay clicks over and its a standard guitar
regular pickups, reg volume and tone circuits
then powered up, it takes signal of piezo pickups in the bridge
into codecs, DSP modeling for like couple dozen guitars, alternate tunings on the fly

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thats pretty much all i can say, same with the project im starting on now
something mapped to work with reason out of the box would be sweet, we own propellerhead
or do distribution for them
and demo marketing
cheater99: we have internal QA and most external beta goes to higher profile artists

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tho ive fucked around with x3 stuff for testing my stuff, theyre decent
well they will release all three
they usually do a bean, then do a rack unit and a floor unit
the hardware and UI are usually similar, maybe identical
not even sure we make those anymore
i think the old bass pod stuff has been integrated into new pods
tech in the engineering lab, production support
i know some places you can buy them
stuff like that doesnt just sit around, building is like 200 people and prob 1/3 play guitar
theres vintage 30s
guitar speakers are trash
the music i listen to rarely even has guitars

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no were not that bad
not even close
theyve ripped our hardware designs and firmware tho =)
no but were getting a lot of their defectors
but i love their logo
wtf is tc, and no
skrillex has a couple awesome tracks
the substep tracks
and the rest ive heard is house =\
fuck house
no i dont work for boss
that track is epic, but the other shit ive heard, not so awesome
no thats not me
i dont get the easy shit =\
mostly i complain
the hd pods are a new dsp platform, new models
if he got an x3 he prob should have waited

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dsp instrument amplifiers, effects processors, instruments
kinda =)
yeah totally
fuck yeah he got the dirty bass thing down
mad respect for dub culture
its hardware worship

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ya fuck that mentality
thats what i do for work all day, the details are often comedy
thats what fadal did for their machine beds, now they dont exist
no designing electronic hardware on the cheap
not like i work in medical or military
mixed analog/control/dsp stuff
music industry, so a popular engineering term is 'fuckit, its rock n roll'
what like media players?

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sculptor: thats pretty typical for chipamps that arent already bridged output
i did a bridged pareallel 3886 for mrtube
and myself too but im too lazy to build it up, just have the PCBs assembled
well mrtube built it and its been working for a few years
uses it often, so the motivation to build it myself isnt there so much
and yeah fuck softies =(
software is cheap
machine tooling and electronics parts and gear not so cheap

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absolute maximums section, Vs - Supply Voltage (no signal) +-60V
thats listed twice in the table
like theres supposed to be a parameter for it with signal?
its single channel
er, wait youre talking about the dual?
i think i did PCBs for that one
hmm nope thats not the one i used

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