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i think the two modes are 1) voltage spikes to the battery 2) no voltage spikes to the battery

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so they just stick the headers in and drop the board over and turn that shit on?
tell them they need to break up toothpicks and use them as shims in the through holes
tell them to take pics
thats even funnier

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upside down, what
arduino is male or female headers?
they are just putting your board over the male headers?
wow not even script kiddies, wannabe script kiddies

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oh okay so you mean normal fet
no i meant that
not like, special reverse nfet
but yeah jfets are like that in compressor/limiter circuits

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why did they flip the gate
wtf is a reversed n-ch fet
are you talking about the symbol or a device

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were still figuring it out
it might be delusional
you were going to link that, huh
macegr: i think Q1 is actually a P-ch fet
notice there are two Q1 and two Q2
yeah but D and S are swapped
maybe this is how they indicate pch

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lwizardl: as long as the trace is fine, the pcb is fine
for some rework, you scratch away soldermask to get at a trace or a pour

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why wouldnt it work?

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why do you need to measure the caps
did you blow something up?

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youre measuring them in circuit
so you dont know what youre doing, basically
yes most likely

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not yet

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