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so use a diff material
make that shit
ok make money instead

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the ride is prob horrible, its prob cramped, and you can prob feel a fuckton of body flex
that shit is for race tracks =)
intake manifold gaskets?

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sport is supposed to be uncompromised
and that shit is practically race
pretty sure that motor is way bigger than what they actually raced with
obviously its not as convenient as a kia

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i guess a 4 if youre buying all the parts from a bug place
how is that gay?
2.0 + 5 speed is a porsche 914
its dual carbs?
prob dual weber setup, bosche EFI to dual weber is a pretty common swap on 914s
yeah that would be a neat car
haha why not
it prob weighs like 1200lbs

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02:31 < monkeyisl> fuck porsche 550 spyder owner is calling to buy clutch.
(btw that is probably the sexiest car, ever)
jezus fuck yeah
tho that guys is prob a replica
id prob rather own a replica
things are like nothing tube frames and aluminum skin, i would pass on the 60 year old bolts
monkeyisl: he has a 4 or a 6?

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i seen that qook think a lot in korea
i dunno wat it is

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carb to knee?

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you to think harder before pasting shit tc
haha no its not the same!
well then theyll both work
assuming under 500mA or whatever

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