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but yeah netskys tracks specifically are awesome
its kinda liquid, but its hard, good droning bass
just a few times the last time you tipped me off to it
i like it, but i like 1xtra too i almost never listen to it =\
im lazy mostly i just listen to dnbradio
yeah, lots of their stuff gets pulled

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i let someone borrow my eee tablet
i miss it

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/join #what
/msg ircrly /quit

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were not into automation?
uh ya
gpf has done tons of plc shit
pretty sure sculptor has experience with them
and most of us who program microcontrollers could prob figure it out if you stuck a manual in front of us and there was some motivation =)

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urmom is ice cream
with little spiky dog hairs in it
i usually show people the guy wrapped around a lathe

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wtf dont just make it not work
unless that shit is labeled OH NO YOURE FUCKING UP people will think they did something right

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it fucked up the titlebar on my putty

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oh you already mentioned
oh well
`nico: !
`nico: know about netsky yet?
like he doesnt have any bad tracks its impressive
thats the 1xtra essential mix, you cant download from bbc anymore, ive been told its like ++ awesome

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wtf colors

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e-draven: most devices will have a series diode
so connecting shit backwards wont do shit
some have a reverse bias parallel diode after a fuse
so connecting backwards will blow a fuse, this is a more power efficient solution
depends, a diode is a power drain
whatever thats .2v drop
if its an smps load, thats like using silicone instead of schottkey in the smps
its app dependent
e-draven: then some devices will have a diode bridge input
they dont care what polarity, and can sometimes deal with vac supplies just fine
but yeah now you have a .4 drop
you could maybe argue .2v doesnt matter, but .4v unloaded is pretty noticable
but not better than 0.0v

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