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trader joes trail mix w/ chocolate covered coffee beans is evil
k nite

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they aint down like that anymore
wish i had a subwoofer

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Meanwhile, the president of the Fukushima nuclear plant operator Tepco has been admitted to hospital.
Masataka Shimizu is being treated for high blood pressure and dizziness, a Tepco spokesperson said.
translation: everything is way worse than reported

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like its funnier than a genie but im not really laughing

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monkeyisl: hopefully you dont mean in the resistor
and yeah do series and/or parallel resistors if you want to use lower power resistors
cyrixlord: if i had like $10K to blow on this shit
i would try and get a china CM to build multiple emitter LEDs
with diff emitters
so you would have like, red, deep red, blue, and maybe white on one LED
im not sure you can do white because of the phosphorus on the lens
yeah i mean like on one leadframe under one lens
hmm not so much

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monkeyisl: those resistors are available in any value you need, and from like 5 to hundreds of watts
audio bling
theyll come back
theyll prob never stop making those
monkeyisl: you need to mount them on a heatsink with thermal transfer paste
i just mean the resistors, and yeah im not sure i would trust stars without pressure holding them onto the sink

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monkeyisl: fuck if you gave me the supply voltage and leds and currents i could have done this already
theyre easy and cheap
looks like they could be happier
monkeyisl: http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Vishay-Dale/RH0253R000FE02/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvNd0dY0KymzmQf1OWfOWEvfnZ0gHwgkO8%3d
you want some shit like that
if youre going to use resistors w/ high power LEDs
Operating Temperature Range:- 55 C to + 250 C
yeah go overkill on the heatsinks

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kind of want to start a new cycle
shrooms is a little more involved
have to be super clean, everything sterile
oh neat
on hydroton or aerogel or what?
hydro is less interesting, im already too involved heh
was it you asking?
about the power resistors?
no i mean monkeyisl
oh nm im confused
monkeyisl: application, ambient temps, power drop
and ill help you
else youre just being a n00b, stop
and yeah honestly, get a buck puck or similar

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like its fun to fuck with, interesting stuff, but using HID actually produces results
theyre not dense, sticky buds
mass/watts is a pretty standard metric in herb growing
so you have established goals
yeah herbs would actually be a really good application
they dont get very tall, you dont need a ton of penetration
grasses, small pepper plants
if you get good coverage and your spectrum isnt totally cracked out, itll perform comparable with FL
it can do better, LEDs and FL are about the same efficiency, electrically
so the benefits of LEDs are significant

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its a lot safer than just running red and blue
results are pretty inconsistent running narrow spectrum
right they stopped stretching for more light
haha @ light movers
i know thats why im laughing
they work, but theyre still funny
swinging lights around, or dragging them around on some tracks
the big issue with your setup is youre not getting much color mixing
like, if you break up the leds into a bunch of sources evenly spread, you get lower light density
you might have the same amount of light, but its already spread it
it doesnt really penetrate at all
many of the more successful LED grows are 'short' techniques
like, sea of green or screen of green setups,
like, single point sources get way hotter, so they run less efficient
but they penetrate

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well maybe need isnt the right word, but there are photosensitive chems involved that can absorb green spectrum
yeah thats why people are using whites
can prob get away with a good ratio of cool white and red
but yeah, compared to HPS/MH its an uphill battle
yeah thats a good application
macegr: white do greens/yellows and a fuckton of blue
way more yellow
what you end up getting with cool white and red is similar to HPS spectrum, but with mad red and blue
but electrically, the HID lighting is way more efficient

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LEDs will prob get more efficient, theyll get cheaper, and people will figure out tuned spectrums for diff plants/cycles
but it wont happen for a few years
do you have 660nm reds?
yeah thats a good mix
i dont think either does much
thats going to derate the fuck out of the resistors power spec
vishay/dale heatsink resistors
they might need green
you got the whites, tho
cyrixlord: not in the um
like the white parts
the leaf frames

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because theyre not dead?
did you have a control group using more typical lighting?
control was HPS/MH or FL?
oh thats why
yeah theyll kick FL lightings ass
even then, compared to HPS its not so comparable
yeah but that shit works
and its way more efficient
you basically have to get spectrum and density perfect
and it typically wont penetrate canopy at all compared to HPS
just because of the distributed light sources
they can but its an uphill battle

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monkeyisl: he has
he couldnt get through calc
shit i havent even gotten to calc
got i hope those arent in parallel running through a pot
thats not enough light
if youre trying to grow shit with it =)
what is just fine

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mic stands?
oh link is above
damn that is scary

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grilled mushrooms and onions are almost standalone entree status
can you even get grilled onions at in n out?
and the patties still have that 30 pack of meat discs from costco look
im still waiting for a reason why fatburger is nasty =)

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fatburger is awesome
how is it nasty
they will make you the exact burger you want and its fire grilled
weird my natsemi samples came in little blue boxes
like 10cm square
anyway, i dont get salad on my burger
or crap sauce
does in n out even have bacon?
im pretty sure they dont have mushrooms
lettuce and tomato are salad

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`nico: fuck in n out!
worst fries ever
the fries taste like home fries
like potatoes soaked in warm oil, they dont taste deep fried
they have higher than normal pay for the workers, and their veggies are fresh
but its still fast food, its just messier
`nico: its the taste
and seriously, all the food is lame compared to fatburger or the habit

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par meters arent common, and its lab gear
that shit isnt going to be cheap
no idea ask monte (#cars)
your desk looks like youre not getting much shit done
my shit is particle with vinyl wood and about in the same state
and you cant get shit done
well, you can but its ridiculous
the lower edge you can see wheres hes used his forearms to push the technical golgotha pile back to make a small work area
increasing the density of his clutter

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timecop_: so what did you end up going with?
opamp level shifting + gain
oh you bussed the vref
yeah looks good
you never brought that up

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is monkeyisl like, timecops electronic duncetroll protoge?
or what

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laser prob doesnt eat itself the same way HP waterjet does
fuck i just got A1 steak sauce on my pipe
i just licked it off

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the_gfr: fuck atheism
its the same thing
its the_gfr, i dont think that

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