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we already did this for him
or no i did this then told him i would give him the circuit for $100

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wtf is going on there

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right because someone else is surely going to want to be responsible for this
there is also traffic rules
parking rules

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california uber alles.
when we split im making sure we take WA with us
and the 5 through oregon
well originally i wanted WA and OR could be our midwest
but there are prob too many teabaggers in OR now
so i just want the land around the 5 and under it
iunno man
portland = tweek
its like lancaster
monkeyisl: when was that?
its like 1100:1 still or what

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because you added someone elses domain...
wtf is darketek.com
odam i typod darketek.com in the email
i make fun of my own country and people

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i used taxact.com
it wasnt as free this year
i got $5k last year
this year i owed $100
i got $400 back from state, tho
in a few hours i get first paycheck+raise

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are those antennas?
wtf is going on there
bottom left, sticking out

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best movie

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unless you mean the service department schematic
but in that one, the odometer is prob a box with a single line going to it from another box that is prob the ECU

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doesnt really explain the dc offset
yeah could maybe flip out an opamp and cause it to output asymetrically
but probably not
darn: prob you dont =)
kia's engineering department

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i think you just got water inside the dmm
i did that to my fluke and didnt notice until the next day
by then the battery had already exploded and eaten the PCB traces
short the two points
then do it again
short the two places on the hull you as measuring across

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did you ever get one of their vises?
yeah i think its too big
already looking at it
i need a bigger mill
somehow your saltwater hull has become a battery
thats even more amazing

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yeah all of those are totally affordable

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i think briefly
looks sexy
meh i want a big mill
blackmoon: double sided duct tape worked

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blackmoon: haha
and yes ive read that before but still funny

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get the datasheet and read it

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netaffect: bypass it completely
dont try and fix it, if you split the kapton, the other lines are likely to corrode
so solder a wire between the connectors on both sides
also if you see broken kapton cover it with electrical tape or kapton tape
solaris1: might be an address/data select input?

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