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my cat gets fluid through a needle from an IV bag once a day =(
13 next month
did your roommate have to do it?
yeah i have to give him pills too
no he wasnt eating at all and not drinking enough
and he got all skinny and rehydrated
so vet did this and he started eating again
now hes kinda bigger
so vet says do this 5 days

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`nico: crash_LIVE_on_DNBRADIO.COM_20061109_0139_-_the_OC__-_1108.mp3
ask crash for a link to that
i <3 that set
that set made a bunch of rocker/manager types from work understand why i listen to this shit
if you cant lemme know i get it to you somehow, i gotta go now tho laters

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but i have to find the date
what do you mean by know?
hes kinda local, he usually goes by edx now
well he lived way closer for a long time
im not sure he still lives in austin either
but yeah he still asks when im going to make him a clear mixer
but yeah hes a #dnbradio reg, i been talking with him for long time

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theres prob hundreds, maybe 90min avg
well damn
i actually heard the irl version of that the next night
but thats prob really good too
there a crash set from like 4 or 5 years ago thats awesome

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i hate how i call my friends up and they trick me into being all social and shit
now i gotta like drive places
and talk to people
then were prob going to drive places, and spend money
well rly it depends on the situation
mostly i was asking them if they were going 5to go to the dnb thing in the valley
that sucked last time
some canadian dj got all creative and ruined it
and someone complained and the venue had to turn the subs down
so we had to leave early and we never leave early
im sure the dolphin sex essay exists elsewhere

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macegr: the guy i know in the bay area i guess got shot by some rich kid who got off
over a girl
he came down a few weeks ago hung out with him
yes this is what i have heard
i guess they are just waiting for him to retaliate
because yeah, get shot, watch the guy get off because his family is connected...
well id want to end the guy who shot me
macegr: well im sure he didnt think it would go down that way

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this was actually a theory, as i tip well and always show up
she was being all annoyed by the joint smoking tho
yeah that scene is a bit too rock n roll
macegr: duh
i gtfo because i had to pick up a friend somewhere else in hollywood
his comment to other friend was like, ren always ends up doing girls with bfs
and i noted that with exgf that wasnt the case
tho she has a bf now so she could be one of those girls...
macegr: this is california
sometimes bf's kill you

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u r
`nico: i went to bartender girls rock show at the roxy
why are there always pre-existing bfs?
ya pretty much
tho she was like touchy friendly and buying me drinks and stuff

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18:26 <+tekviper> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LPGzzaSsbU&feature=player_detailpage#t=92s
thats not good
how do you think shit spreads on the irc
yeah this is easier

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how many still missing

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timecop_: pads does the same shit where you group a bunch of items
then rotate, and they all dance in place
console based cad usually makes sense
easy to do a lot of shit
vs clicking through menus a few times
i hated that shit

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timecop_: y
not at home tho rly
iunno, prob whatever is latest
dunno i figured it out
i dont like how it has all sorts of title block and note shit on the layout layers
well its not purely a console ui or a gui ui
like, eagle you can drive from console

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tekrad: power
but yeah 0603 is still quickly hand reworkable

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what was up with that hole in the corner
on the other pic, like floating through hole plate
and that weird wall thing extending from the edges

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okay poking cat with needles and shoving pills into his mouth is not so awesome
because they made it like eagle?
have you used eagle?
shit thats basic
right click changes corner style
theres like 10 of them, maybe 4*2 w/ ccw and cw angle operations, then two freehand ones (curvy and non curvy)
or some shit
maybe 8 of them
like i said that looks pretty basic

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i think hes done this before

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A jet stream, or air current, could well carry radioactive fallout as far as B.C., the CBC's Belle Puri reported.
how does it hit bc and not WA or AK?
blackmoon: i think they just didnt say the USA because we punk the world =(

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also its the top, so they design it with the idea thats its going to have the least load
timecop_: okay so the nuclear plant is asploding again now?

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like a coulomb instead of an amp

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grilled artichoke and parmesan dip = winning

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