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layout might be trash
psu might be trash
but the preamp is prob all high PSRR low THD+N opamps
and the output it prob semicorp tuned chipamps
and the psu is either an ultra efficient low ripple offline switcher
or a toroid from china that would have cost a fortune in the 80s
yeah but thats always been a problem
thats when IC amps and competant opamps kicked in =)
the 80s, people were still doing discrete differential preamps
which could be awesome, could be shit
tone controls and flash lcd
because all that feature shit that has nothing to do with audio needs a circuit
also it was TH tech
so shit just looked bigger
a lot of modern stuff is complex but on top it just looks like a few chips and a few electrolytivs
no way never
people get shot in the face for engineering like that

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suri: actually rms power is usually a thermal rating
more often than not its a valid measurement
peak and program and music power are marketing bullshit, often beyong the capability of the voltage rails to deliver
mostly what you are usually paying for is overhead
dynamic range
which isnt bad
considering 90dsplB is about 1W with most systems
er dBspl
no you would need massive rails
also ohms is bullshit
speakers dont have one impedance
most likely
theyre more efficient, miore reliant on solid state IC solutions
even low quality build will prob be better than average systems back in the day
because in many cases the low quality builds use high performance proven circuits

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