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yeah killed pads then reopened, still there
doesnt seem like a gfx issue, its always the same no matter how i zoom or move the window

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yeah i havent turned that shit off
wtf srs?
msg email

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gimme minute, diff pc
coming off the middle pins
how do i make the ratwires go away
theyre not
well to anything else
yeah when i highlight net they highlight too

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im doing a pcb for work
and its being retarded
not so much
theres airwires sticking off a pin, right net, but its routed
they wont go away
they stop in the middle of nothing
theyre not connected to anything
but yeah i guess so
i can do whatever i want in eagle
some custom pad shapes aside

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not enough time
but i wanted to learn pads so not completely
the pours situation seems all retarded
for what

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`nico: it was the min trace width
also the alt-scroll zoom doesnt always work
like i can be using it then itll just stop working
honestly the UI sucks
also there is air wires sticking out of my vregs connected to nothing
and the traces are routed
`nico: dara in town next week
timecop_: kinda
its that annoying
eagle would be awesome
we have to either cut or etch this PCB

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ok figured it out

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tekrad: OMG FUCK PADS why did some of my traces turn to like outlinesa
and its not outline mode

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use mineral oil
no idea

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zeeshan_: inductance is a turbine
the value of inductance is related to the turbines mass
turbines cant start and stop instantaneously
because they have mass
zeeshan_: get it?
inductors are neat
caps are just membranes and balloons and pistons
zeeshan_: turbine still running, but valve is shit off, so there is positive pressure in front of it, then negative behind it
the volume in front of it will pressurize depending on the containers flexibility (capacitance)
then when the turbine stops itll push back through
to relieve the pressure
= ringing, overshoot, back emf, etc
because its the truth

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tekrad: pads UI is fucking annoying
and possibly buggy

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no? wtf
k bye but wtf

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window comparator, or the inverse
and there will only be 300 of them made, ever
it will take you 90 weeks to get them shipped out
then another 4 weeks, because on a boat

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yeah i was going to comparator
but im still trying to figure out your drawing
youre not a dr write so people can read it
and bats
why do you even have a web browser installed

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my nic juice should be here tonight

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