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i was totally expecting a gay porn link before it quit
that usually happens in #cars tho

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i turned the water up and it stopped vibrating
and they went away
juicer is amazing
first one was tomatoes, i drank 5
next i did 2 apples then like couple handsfuls of grapes
best ever juice, no pulp

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so my faucet started leaking
and i was going to request for maintenance
while i was going to buy stuff to feed the juicer the pipes started vibrating
and they thought my fridge was going to explode or something
i guess upstairs called them

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i can go see nero
but last time at this place, it was dieselboy, and it was fucked up to get in and not cheap
and water was $6
beer was $7
seriously how does that work
im going to go buy stuff to juice

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rab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S35THmZD_E&t=1m5s
sometimes they get the wobble bass right

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haha neat
ask macegr or nico
im like 400mi away
it snowed here in 1986
the only time ive had snow fall on me i thought it was gnats
well we get snow on the tops of our mountains
and there is ski places maybe 40mi away
yeah lots of rain
rab: ya =\

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there is korean happening there
so thats just prob the wifi speed he is getting from some random public bus stop
it means it has an internal RC oscillator that will run between 7 and 8 MHz

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