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spirograph lathe?

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in his octogon

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wtf charlie sheen
takin up all the news
him and tom cruise need to like cocaine death match

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hes got leds
hed set of all the bomb detectors

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hmm neat
go canadia
hed have to bring it back within a certain period of time
that just doesnt seem very blackmoon
in fact thats prob happened and its prob why he didnt go
see now macegr is a dick for not arranging transportation

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insert uC into socket, program it to program a pic
yeah i wouldnt want to brick the dragon
does stuff blink when its done
fuck yeah
wtf is that

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rab: china supply aquired
it did 3A at 30V at work without catching fire
no they were waiting on a container
tomorrow i do like 3A at 1V see if it catches fire
mine died
haha box
i put a hole in it for the zif socket lever to stick out

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almost out of addict fluid for my china nichrome nicotine deliver device
*delivery WHATEVER
wtf is jcig

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i guess thats why they are clipless
haha hes prob going to go f up his floor
yeah pretty sure thats gonna fuck up a nice floor
they seem more flush than recessed

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velodrome stuff
i think clipless means snap in
anyway brakes are supposed to go on the back
to help you turn
i think y
rhett still has my bike
do want
well yeah but thats not gonna help you turn
no youre spoosed to not slow down then like lock up the rear and point the pike in new direction then start pedling again

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its a 2 axis pivot
least it has brakes

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it is

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and then remember to call that A&H sales guy about namm prices on a xone 22
like $400+ for good ones
$300 for good ones that have been through the shit
obviously fucked ones still go for around $200
like i got one of mine for $150 and one for $200
no shipping, local stuff
tonearms, including the gyro and weight, are $60 new from panasonic
easy to order online
if i had more space i would consider buying fixing and reselling

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but massives are usually under $5 at the gate
and those are like 12 hours long with dozens of acts
well its worth it for a massive where there is prob like 10-50k people just in the dnb area
plus i dont start dancing around for hours
pendulum is rock
okay but i was thinking about it
dnb is invading rock in two ways, one is awkward rock band dj/producer hybrid stuff
which is usually fast like dnb, and the other is dub step, which is slowing it down for the rock headed masses
i cant decide which i dislike more
right well 90% of dnb, historically, is pretty bad
unmixed, on its own
but its popular
like you see people you wouldnt see at dnb
i have to swap the tonearm on the other 1200

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macegr: i havent had a honda for like 5 years
i forgot about the accord
which was >2 years ago
anyway neither was a B series motor
also china psu has arrived
i threw a 10R load on each channel and ramped up to 30V on each channel
no fires, brought it home
neat boxes
macegr: pendulum is $45 as of last night
dude nothing sells out
they just let the line sit there and wait for people to leave
and itll prob be more at the door
anything above that seems unreasonable so i wont even make a guess

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you know how you fix it?
trash can.

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