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yeah lots of stuff like that now
they have one for the non pass through usb batteries
that is like a cig box
mine you just plug a mini usb into the end you can vape while charging
oh haha
i got an email from mastechpowersupply.com like
kbbl fureal

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cant find my keys
life is hopeless
keys are back
Rab: okay i will just get psu for now
i want to take apart these usb charged ecig batteries =\
pretty sure theres an pcu in there
new models have lock features (press button 5 times fast), they blink when batteries are low
the button has fades in/out, looks pwm

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some wont use audio precision stuff because they already have NI setups and dont trust the crazy audio hax0rz, or something
AP is visual basic
learned VB in like two days and redid all the scripts for QA so they could actually be edited in minutes instead of days
guy before me didnt understand function based programming =(

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rab: suggestions?
because yeah im prob going to buy the psu today
seems like big chance i impulse buy the signal gen
i would have bought the fucking psu already if it wasnt for the signal gen
fucking rab
making me learn shit i can use at work
i know of a few places but they are spread out
we dont have a lot of electronics places anymore
other hacker constantly bitches
lots of chinese CM use NI

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Rab: went to ex coworkers bday party, was project manager from exjob there
think he will sell me a signal gen for $60, but that kinda makes me want to drop $100 on the mastech one more
all those signal gens have little issues (theres prob like 10 of them)
worried ebay shit will be all the same
theyre like, protek and bk precision and similar
they have sweep function, w/ linear and log ramping
so theyre better than the 1year warranty mastech shit, especially for speaker tests (ive seen sources saying best to use 1/3" octave or so warble tones to do testing)
ya =\
for $160 mastech has a dds based one
but i dont think it does sweeps either
he wouldnt sell me the xta dsp crossover/delay/limiter thing
but i can maybe get one of the driverack ones from him

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that kind of a big assumption, that because the driver basket is the same they are the same driver
oh neat saw on the bottom
headfi dorks are the leading dorks in headphone geekery

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DX^: hihi
how is jorb

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yeah wtf @ same topic
greycz was dox'd like a year ago

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