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me too bye

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haha quakko
k i want that one
decide tomorrow

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oh the $100 mastech signal gen wont sweep
no wobble

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now im going to feel fucked if the 5a one doesnt have a toroid
oh maybe you were like durr at the little caps to chassis
the girl on the right needs to slow down
would not pass that
one on the left is okay
some flush cutters could make it pretty
toroid is prob like $50 alone

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a&h sales guy said the mixers were already sold to a local dealer, but i could call him hed hook me up, show prices
think he does it?
i like it
i want the 5A one
so i can run chipamps
id pass it
pretty sure the tab doesnt go close to the edge on the back =)

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wonder if opening it fucks your warranty
cool thing about allan and heath, they have instructions to change internal jumpers in the user manual
like, yeah open me up look at me
rights its some ancient dmm chips, led segment drivers, linear psu design from like the 1800s
well their console mixers
think so
they had automated and touch screen xonsoles at namm
presonous i guess is popular now, seems like soundcraft shit

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prob just a bad bnc or output buffer
haha probably school shit
rab: kind of want to reduce my footprint =\
yeah but i dont have $3000
anyway its china shit
the design could be awesome, you dont know
some of the ripped off designs are pretty good
the ps?
or the generator
well the components will probably be laid out neatly
the pcb design itself will prob be a total mess

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i like the teks more, haha
well its more about working
the 2335 has intermittent bnc, center contact stretched out by china probes
the 2230 is fucking awesome, but the vector dso spazzes out and sometimes itll take down analog mode too
the 503 is awesome, but its huge and the rotary switches are fucked or need cleaning
so far the rigol always works, and fuckit if its not totally accurate, at least im not blind
i want a new 2230
yeah but my 2230 is like that right now
sometimes at least
and 10 years is a long time

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looks like an okay unit and warranty kind of makes it worth it
ive seen signal gens like that fail like a dozen ways
like, those were abused, but like prob 4 brands, more than 10, all slightly fucked in some way or another
right with no warranty and eccentricities, and possibly a project in of itself
3 tek scopes and the rigol is prob the most reliable

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thats enough to test most chipamp stuff

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san jose address

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its all about independent coarse and fine adjust
what if its just burning a little bit
have you bought from this site before?
no i mean kitsusa
mpja never has that thing in stock
ive bought from mpja
center fine again and bump coarse
mostly i use coarse, shrug

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i cant deal with the pushbutton current
wtf @ 10 turn voltage knob like is that a joke

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you know some opamps gonna die at some point...
has more vents
haha fatter power button
on a psu that actually seems more than cosmetic
im so not clicking on that
but it prob has something to do with ps3s
i kinda like the green displays better than the red

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offline switcher and linear reg IC sounds like modern china
open it up and its like a meanwell with some to218 linear regs
soldered across the pots
two of those

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yeah im wondering id the LCD meters arent going to work for me
if theyre like 2Hz update im prob not going to like it
thats kinda cool
i have 3 tek scopes and the fucking rigol, the rigol is prob the most reliable right now
the 2230 is the coolest but the vector drive stuff freaks out sometimes
like switchers and linear regs?

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oh its just 3A
it prob has a ton of chinacaps
other hacker has a bunch of leader stuff
keeps telling me to buy an hp supply
its a 10 turn pot
thats kinda fucked
what if i want to turn down the voltage fast =\
current is two up down buttons
i really dont like this thing
wtf constant current switch, its supposed to just do that
i guess because itd be such a bit to pushbutton the current up to max
oh shit 4 pages thats it
it doesnt have a tracking mode

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napalm with burning straws
i didnt do it but i thought it was kinda neat when i saw it =\
think its buttons and a single encoder
haha the image in the datasheet is even worse
SMD adhesive sheet element technology for internal PCB construction
1mV p-p

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yeah that thing scares me
something about it just screams i will melt myself
might buy a bench supply from there soon
hmm maybe now i need that shit fucking lame not having a bench psu
i know
like 4 scopes a counter and no generator or psu
hmm no flat amp either
damn exjob kinda spoiled me

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for $42 you get two, and the batteries are little bigger
but if the atomizer fucks up you gotta buy more
yeah japan is like, fuck america
did you get it?
yeah there is a guitar tech in the bay area maybe stabbing at my guitar with some big unregged iron
so we need to get him something better
mine is cool
sometimes i want two tho, to do crazy rework type shit
it looks fisher price
dude chopsticks

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its around what i pay for cigs in a month
but yeah i just dont want to fuck with burning filler shit
so hopefully the tank thing is pretty awesome and also i can just drip into the atomizers
dioxide: there is also cheaper version
made by a diff manufacturer

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dioxide: i bought pieces
like, one of the swedes who helped me learn the lunix got one, stopped smoking
did all the research, pointed me towards information, talked shit about a couple of my shopping cart lists before i bought
and then i found $50 in my paypal i forgot about
so i was like fuckit
so yeah i got two pass through batteries (~$20/ea), 5 pack of atomizers ($28), single tank system atomizer ($14, thats the pic i showed you), 5 pack of tank carts ($6)
then like, $45 in 5ml juices, maybe $10 in little parts
drip tips and the cone that blends the fatter battery with the little standard size atomizers

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and by n cali i dont mean bay area
but like sonoma or like north of redding
where is basically turns into lower oregon
yeah but its not the bay area

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but yeah i guess typically the batteries on the little cig style ones are like 150mAh
the eGos have 650mAh, 650mAh w/ USB passthrough charger, and 1000mAh
naw my places are super on the level
theyre still running tho
lots of places closed
well a dr's note
i dont have the ID
dunno if i want it
n cali and WA are the only places id want to move to i think

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also thats a tank system
so none of the filler shit im kind of afraid of
but it also takes standard atomizers and carts
so i got a 5 pack of those, and drip tips
somewhat invonvenient, but way better than ash
and still no filler stuff im not into
i dont even want to know what it tastes like when it burns
dioxide: naw
use glycerin tinctures
im going to buy some from the herb shop
thats what the e fluid is
yeah lots of people vap menthol, say they never smoked menthols before
im not trying to be addicted to menthol, i got 15x diff 5ml bottles of fluid
yeah its weed drops
vegatable glycerin
e-fluid is either that or propylene glycol
i guess PG flows better, but i guess you can cut the vg with distilled water to make it act similar
but yeah, vaping thc from a little handheld vap would be awesome
its totally safe
the VG stuff, i guess a few people are allergic to PG

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ill do that
usps has my nicotine vap
want naow
one of those cig looking ones?
i got that
except mine has a passthrough usb battery
so instead of unscrewing it and screwing it into a usb dongle
you just screw a cap from the end and plug a miniusb cable into it
so you dont have to stop vaping while charging

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timecop_: interesting
dioxide: maybe
no its a crackhead accessory
well, no she makes way to much money to do crack
crack is wack
thats for cokeheads and tweakers

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way under if possible
i dont want this to be a bitch to build tho
thats way to hardcore tho
id want just like, a grooved plate
what you kill the chick with for your ultra illegal pron?

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so itll just slow the temp rise
like, simeplest thing to do
bend the ends up as mounting hardware
yeah pizza cooker
yes but its not really a pizza cooker
its just a temp diffuser/damper, really
it wont help dissipate it better, i dont think
it just wont get hot in a few seconds
maybe but then there has to be a chassis
i dont think blowing on the flat aluminum with fans is useful enough to use them
prob cheaper and simpler to get some thin extrusion with grooves or tiny fins or something
well it work but i think a real heatsink would be better
i want to keep local ambient under like 80C, ideally

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theyll be uniform
copper heatsinks and the FR4 will kind of diffuse the heat into the aluminum
but without fins, im not even sure the aluminum helps, other than slowing the temp rise down
maybe extrusions for this arent so much
its the same surface area as the back of the FRY

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timecop_: are you serious
wtf are you on e
oh lame
my thursday night dnb is doing a live set on dnbradio
thats some efnet shit, mfkr better recognize
(mfkr in this case refers to you)
old joke is old 10 times ago
hardcore is dead
well not totally but its not like its at the massives or having shows all the time
23:39 < renesis> 1.5W heat sources spaced 1.5" apart in a grid, like maybe 6x10, thin FR4 like .01", screwed into maybe 1/8" aluminum, some thermal transfer goop in between
23:39 < renesis> will it blend
23:40 < renesis> or maybe it thermal creeps to 150C and everything dies
i dont want to use heatsinks
if i can avoid it

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fuckin tired is whats up
but im tripping out, i have laundry through the weekend and all my court shit is done and all bills are paid
like fuckit i could crash out right now i wouldnt be fuckin up\
dx^: okay so youre an ME you have to help with my thermal shit
1.5W heat sources spaced 1.5" apart in a grid, like maybe 6x10, thin FR4 like .01", screwed into maybe 1/8" aluminum, some thermal transfer goop in between
will it blend
or maybe it thermal creeps to 150C and everything dies

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dx^: whats snow
also hi

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