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teknique: changes the gain
but yeah that shit is weird

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you set the clock to 200khz its only going to sample at like 15KHz
it takes 13 clock cycles to do a sample
or some shit like that

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techsmurf: theyre load and source dependent
which is fucked in context of crossovers because a speaker resistance is all over the place, vs frequency
anyway this is why buffered active filters are double plus fuck yeah

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just make a 3 pad resistor

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no it was some 3phase shit

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hey what analog shit where you going to show me
are you done
or what
imbroken: no whatever you were talking about last week

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you prob want some sort of interface too
okay i will do it for $3000

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timecop doesnt know how to do tubes

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looks good ship it

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is you type 1up in the search at dx it adds the current pages item to your cart
its if you search for anything with scripts off

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theyre loud enough to hear through a wall

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seriously turn them down anyway theyre prob distorting like a mfkr

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i dont want to know so much about giraffe pussy
why do they even spec impedance, theyre active
anyway theyre mostly all going to suck
go to a shop and listen to them and pick the one you like best that you can afford
turn them down
theyll sound better
also if your player has an eq, cut out the bass and the highs
they likely sound shit and the bass might be distorting everything depending how retarded/cheap the design is
wtf GE
well typical sensitivity is like 85dBspl/1w/1m
so like 5w is least around 90dB

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someone brought that to work
with the track
and like there is two paths branching off, and someone labled the areas at the ends of the path YES and NO
kinda bumps around hexagon areas until it finds a path to another area
the hexagons have little doors that slide into place to blocks the holes where no paths are connected
that page doesnt have real specs sorry
dBspl at a specified range
and power level

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