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i would test drive the genesis coupe

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w t f
thats way more than i pay for rent
dont the engines eat themselves?
haha yarly

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rab: hahaha
uh, fiber washers
yeah well the fiber washers keep the metal screws from crushing components wtf
plastic snap on standoffs
click, done
what its going in space?

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rab: youve never seen technoviking!?
wow it would be so awesome to see that shit for the first time again

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it started as drum n bass
14s to 20s its amen breaks
then it just sucks
its white people with one finger on a drum machine on lots of cocaine

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yeah im kinda whatever at it
theyre not rocking out about vikings
really into this one ^
rab: so it went down like ska and reggae
jungle into dubstep
i think people just get old and slow down, and then the masses can keep up with them
= profit
macegr: fuck yeah

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timecop: better than house/trance
timecop: i dont mind hardcore, i just cant stand happy shit
damn it got happier
its not kung fu or sci fi samples
thats the only hardcore track i really remember, besides sets
timecop: because the happy shit is for candy ravers
haha what
haha fuck yeah @ 1:30+

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check this out
subfocus did this
so from like march until december, that made it into almost every set
like two or three times a night
through summer it usually meant the party was over
go to 50sec on the next track
the drop is kinda impressive
like, dubstep can get dirty as fuck
so i just dont like the speed
the two step thing is okay at 170bpm
what 5/4 time?
waltz is 3/4
timecop: ino!
but its not slow

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was a dealer and really didnt want to deal with selling the other car
rab: i generall consider dubstep better than everything else not drum n bass
fuck tiesto
well the harder techy dubstep with massive wobble bass
drumstep is pretty okay
check this out
rab: i know rab, i dont want to go anyplace because of it
rusko dubstep
i dont even get it

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theres like 2qt/month of atf stuck to the bottom of the car
i have ramps
after freeways theres always smoke =D
also thats maybe what fucked up the o2 sensor
but maybe because its hanging down now its got atf on it
i think maybe its time for a new hoopty
two of my friends are like JUST BUY NEWCAR YOU MAKE OKAY MONEY
yeah just about
almost 20K miles
i dunno maybe $1500 after the trade

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mine is prob more like 4000lb
nico: wtf freewheel isnt retarded its standard, for a reason
so let me know how retarded the fixed hub is
rab: muffler broke off the volvo
well, broke off the pipe
my speaker wire and electrical tape hangars are still holding it on
but the hangars forward of the rear suspension broken
so it would get banged by the suspension when i hit big bumps =(
nico: can prob do lunch
rab: also i opened my gas tank door and the spring broke the plastic bracket
shit just flew off
nico: laters
i dont want to get under the car to do work
atf leak since i got it =\

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unless youre going to use it with freewheel all the time
then ya nice bike
blackmoon: actually that kind of makes sense
because then you can downshift and have better braking ability that wont thrath your legs
blackmoon: for what, motors?
wait what
fixed hub is retarded, and yeah youre old now
okay yeah that makes sense
but single speed bikes are win

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you bought a fixie?
jezus fuck are you retarded or what?
do you work in a city of velodromes and parking lots?
macegr: i have a bike without gears its not a fixie
wait so does it have a freewheel or not
okay so it just has a retard option
the only advantage is not having the weight of a freewheel and brakes
because youre madman velodrome maniac
nico: this isnt about hills
this is about stopping and your joint health

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just leave them like that =D

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whatever it sucks more when you do it to interconnects

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click the bottom image
you cant do text in an arc
that i know of
so he did them by hand
so they were mirrored, but he spelled out macetech in order

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smash it with a guitar

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rab: work needs some irons, so if fx-888 are at fry's up north i maybe get to play with one
heh i totally want to knock one off a bench see if works fine after

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macegr: chinapcb is still doing your pcba?
they getting better at the large qty stuff?
or its still a dude at a drill press doing your vias
hmm i dont think ive had any PCB done from them since CV/KRK stuff
pretty lame

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its just backwards wtf
thinking too hard?
rab: hes flaked on me the last 3 hayward trips
yeah neither did i until right before on a couple of them =\
i went before xmas, before new years, and last week
i dont think the guitar tech is coming up with me this time
kind of a relief
thats where i land
sf, oakland, same thing

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mostly emissions, but i doubt you care about shipping with cert labels
well just the one part =D
this one is new diff battery at least
oh shit

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but i have to go up again
and me and project manager are going to push for more time
so i can get everything done, train the guy who needs it
if you want to come grab me in hayward im down \
but im going to be worn out, i might be in a bad mood =)
yeah inorite
this is a rework mission tho, and i got limited time, so i might have to stay at the warehouse late
and im gone by friday night so i dunno how it works with your guys schedules, school nights and all
well im going up like tuesday night
and coming back wednesday night
friday night
maybe can get back to the hotel around 7p if shit isnt insane
welcome to real RF
have you ever even been to a compliance lab with your shit?
transmit doesnt matter

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oh opening your phone
why does this blow you away
macegr: orly at what?
i wont have much time to hang out

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sounds shitty
heh, next week: dentist, airplane, rework, rework, rework, rework, airplane
no just back to the bay area
prob just two or three more times

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