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teknique: mandatory arming of passengers
they can put it in the little pocket on the back of the seats with the safetyy procedures no one reads
let see someone hijack some shit now
they can maybe blow it up
maybe its pfets inside
k but probably now

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call the manufacturer
when they say it costs money, tell them you are poor and have kids and you dont want to lose your job so please help

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that shit has too many ports

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timecop: were you going to finish that thought
digital delay is ancient, its the only sane way to do it
well dont clip it
why does it need a butan
it has the coolest looking block diagram
<3 BJT+FET output

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sli3k: most of the serious audio shit in kind of migrating to dsp processing
cutting costs in analog basically destroys consistency
and the more complicated your shit gets, the more analog stages, the more your signal gets crapped up
its not so much a prob with dsp systems
the death of quasi-log pots ftw

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or make charts or some shit
yeah excel is awesome
fuck doing math over and over
do it once, then just do data entry
yeah i barely know how to matlab =\
we do impulse response shit at work in everything
but pretty sure we do more measuring and hacking than calculating
guitar amps and effects, pretty much all dsp
oh yeah and guitars =\
we want to migrate into pro audio, so should get more interesting
i dont work in software

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youre doing electronics for real now, its just overcomplicated thermal management
its a dsp questions
#math prob doesnt know there is a real world
algebra happens a ton
anything else, you gotta sim it to show it to someone anyway

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rab: haha @ protection diodes
hey you could use accelerometers with my mercury ball
to like compensate for acceleration and figure out absolute angle
w/ no spinny shit
nico knows this i bet

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pls just use a uc
do it
hmm no i think they win if you do that
its neat how they didnt even have to blow anything up
so considerate

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i used a 555 once in a lab at school

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um, the center of the earth
i guess it would be both =\
oh man if it got jolted
its prob best i never got into that
i dont even want to analyze what that statement means

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well at least the kiddies will have jobs now
obviously you dont stand next to the transmitter macegr
you turn it on then run away
guys how do you do an absolute gyroscope
all i can think of is a bead of mercury in a slightly larger sphere lined with contacts and a little common probe that sticks out into the middle

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to whatever is driving it, big fets will be like big caps, if it takes a long time to fill up the cap because of low current, the fet switches slowly
like i basically runs linear while its switching which means its getting hot and you fail
everything is analog

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use big diodes
k not rly
timecop: gate is a cap to source

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timecop: higher output resistance = more heat, prob slower

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socket head cap screws
and washers
current output, max capacitive load, wattage
something to do with how much gate capacitance it can push
how fast it can do it, then its mostly about what kind of supply/fet youre working with
and what input
it ladles oil
timecop: maxim superintegrated shit does exactly what some other customer needs
details are usually annoying

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they killed the 936?
man i breathe that shit all day when im doing assembly
i dont see it
Full design changes for HAKKO 936
High-performance soldering iron pursuing "usability" and "appearance" has evolved into more than a mere working tool.
holy shit
digital, no?
yeah its buttons
and an lcd
ive never used one
i think all the other details are the same
so they like, upgraded the 936
i have to get one
rab: i have to travel with an iron a lot lately =\
they look like SHCS?

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we shut down a factory making fake guitar amps
well dunno if they shut down, but they had to stop making fake amps
they prob just make someone elses amps now
i have a catalog from one of the CMs that was downstairs at NAMM
its like, theyre advertising everything thats been made, as far as plastic powered speakers, for the last 10 years
its not aoyue
its bacon
their site is sooooo much better

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i was like, oh damn srs? luckily i had some needle files
wtf two conveyors
timecop: hakkos been around like 25 years at least
they were prob doing it wrong shrug

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my phone is awesome
it makes a weird doodle noise sometimes, dont even know what it means
still dunno how to log into the new system to get my messages
i dunno why they changed all the phones, the older one had higher res lcd with company logo
this one is just a char display, i dont see the point
prob the other way around
the hakko irons dont say auyoe compatable tip
everything else says 907 compatible tip
its prob the same factory
i should ask our supply chain guy he says he been to the hakko tip factory, he maybe knows
hey so when you go to korea and use ROHS solder exclusively hakko tips will oxidize, eventually

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rab: hacko irons, auyoe hot air
can you see how the guitar is sucking out my soul?
i dunno why they didnt do tortoise pickguards on black for the first production builds
wtf black on black
heh they are going to use that image for powerpoint for some year in review thing
deleted the 3 images before that, i looked serious upset at the guitar im like damn do i walk around the building looking like that

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i hate those irons
both labs ive worked in, there are those and 936
mostly i think the ones ive used are production line leftovers
they get stuck
so shit would either be not warm at all after a minute, or 1000F and fucking the tips plating
i found bunch of spare parts leftover from the CV factory, rebuilt one, worked awesome
but like, meanwhile other hacker is using his 936 hes had since the early 90s
nico: there arent enough metcals in either lab
the tips cant take much abuse
theyre awesome to use but for the money theyre a joke
you work in medical, your shit might as well be fantasy lala land
the auyoe or whatever do well enough
sounds medical grade to me

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nice dpi

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