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she saves that kid
ur unfunny
mrtube: the old lady grabs the kid away from the dancing guys legs
anyway i gotta crash out nite

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heheh launches
whatever i just thought it was funny
here ill show you one where the parent didnt fail
still lookin for it...

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bonus pcb
they copied your next design before you even designed it
quick turnaround time ftw

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haha wat

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that sucks

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just takes education
is that where they take out all the low value decoupling caps?
i hate it when they do that
gb like uk?
ha wat
protection diode ftw
kevtris: thats like almost direct from the atmel app note

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damn thats pretty weak
kevtris: right now in pro audio, active speakers in plastic buckets are the big thing
literally everyone has something out in the past few years
i went downstairs at NAMM and this chinese manufacturer has like every elses speaker bucket on display
with generic logos
about 5 gallons, heh
^ are awesome
people use industrial cardboard tubes used for pouring concrete
like 18" tubes maybe 4 to 10ft long

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haha @ litter boxes in the bathroom
like 50% of the money we get from exports?

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macegr: that says dlp
= big

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rab: ok ya besides music croissant factory is awesome
for around the same price i think you can get an adjustable buck puck
throw a pot on it to vary power

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yeah ive gotten bunch of stuff from them
dont do that

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im not done with croissant baker vid =\
omg magic croissant cutter
theres a donut place by my old house, best fuckin croissants

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i think you have to do it from like folded dough
like a katana blade
they prob have croissant folder and roller machines
baking is awesome
wtf at 12" square butter things

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danielson: wtf croissant factory
those dont look like very awesome croissants tho, honestly
i could go back to sleep

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