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$400 cheaper for place downtown
ha weird

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i like it here but its a bit expensive
shit closes to early

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you wouldnt live in n cali?
id rather live in the artsy hipster places downtown
3rd street is next to venice
the beaches are pretty nasty
cool area but the water is fucked, beaches toward ventura are way more awesome

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how much for the room
macegr: i dont think id be happy with it at full price
thats not bad
blackmoon: sucks

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horror fate tools
i found my tablet
its fine for everything except hd
does most divx okay, most youtube
wont do heavy audio processing well
apps with lots of mixer and eq stuff

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seem to have misplaced my eee tablet
computer switch
guys seriously where is my netbook

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because theyre using pullup resistors
i guuess because common collector devices are more common
yeah what spybert said

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whats the package weight
ive seen like .75" thick packets like that
for like maybe 10 sheets of seaweed

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who the fuck is that

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that almost looks like rox
keel you

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that is nice
you would need a shroud
i remember this pic
would you like machine oil with your shake?
looks pretty bright in the pic
around the bench at least
i think mineral oil is usually used
for food machines

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just flip a widescreen on its side
yeah but this doesnt even do that
dioxide: uh i think yes
i want like 2000 vert pix
in 21" wide format

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urmom is carl rove
haha yeah
and then like, the guy apologized to cheney
it was like, what
stop speaching mfkr go back to being shot in the hospital
is she dead?
you dont think shell serve shot through the head?

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blackmoon: i think its the same software but the hardware autosensing will be different
because i remember using the reaktek driver interface and itll give you ton of options for device when you plug into any jack
but same interface on other stuff its just like, headphone/lineout? or mic/linein?
but yeah like wtf theyre multiplexing all the jacks or what
im pretty sure you still have the same number of in and out ports tho

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i got my mom a sansa flash mp3 player
had it for a long time, she still uses it

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haha nice
doing it wrong

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macegr: fkn teabaggers
macegr: ya
haha see how they have the note at the bottom
for retiring?
now they have to add another for shot in the head
yeah sucks
have you seen his youtube shit?

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everything is analog
atmels always been like that
Factory Lead-Time: 28 Weeks Manufacturing delays have been reported on this product.
doing fine?
oh theyre stocked tho

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you did some weird shit
you killed the circuits feedback HPF
and the output LPF
and prob attenuated the output to like almost vref
yeah that makes sense
but close to vref?
because the 2uF in series with the 100K to the virtual vref at the inverting node is dropping that shit out
on the other side of r12 its maybe working normal
unless it really needed c14 as 22nF and in the circuit
thats a more typical value
22pF for C14
22nF is a bit high but alot of amps will tolerate itr
yeah if its oscillating it cant be expected to act normal in at frequencies its not oscillating

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and eliminates that LPF
it maybe doesnt do much
c14 is supposed to be 1uf?
oh ive used that opamp
well the 1uF is maybe phase shifting that output into the inverting input too much
so it might be oscillating and that might have been coupling into the other amps
oh wait what
you have that ojne trace disconnected too?

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guys there is chicken period in my meatless corndogs
egg whites
because theyre good
like dangerdogs, but not as streetcorner scary
because they are half the calories with not so much fat calories
what blood
its for the batter
i can send you some but i prob get busted by the fbi for reasons i will never understand
sec what
wait you did what
okay so you connected c13 to the opamp output
yeah smash that ctrl z
well what does that connect to
it bypasses the 100K output imedance at high frequencies

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damn im totally talking to scroll

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like seriously our govs prob is mostly politicians and lobbyists with money a lot of the other shit worked, or used to work
nico: neat
and yeah teabaggers dont seem to bitch a lot about the wars anymore
that shit is expensive =(
even when were not at war we are planted all over the world burning up money
yeah osama
man thats gonna confused kids in future history classes
what like free
or real shit
mastercam is kind of standard for toolpath generation

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i am definitely anti teabagger but i dont really disagree with most of what hes saying
just because teabaggers are really like 20 different things
random collection of pissed off
its teabaggers are like, undefined
so it works for a lot of people
socialism is evil
but like, post office works
schools used to work before we dropped out funding
well i dont think obama is a super big deal this shit has been happening for like decades now
like our food and water is pretty safe
most work environments prob arent spec osha safe but theyre prob better than the world overall

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i havent seen the end of the video
i havent seen the widespread acts of stressed people in desperate situations
no im asking which you mean
well yeah, that kind of stuff will keep happening its not like things are going to get better

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5% dreamer population?
the music is okay
thats from here http://www.youtube.com/profile?annotation_id=annotation_564778&user=Classitup10&feature=iv#p/a/u/1/nHoaZaLbqB4
couldn't sleep, wigged out
ha thats what it seemed like before he stated it

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it does not have 'the look'

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i wouldnt if you used busses
bus nets?
you are going with 8 channels of AD597?
theyre prob like $3.50 in qty

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uC micro?
thats a computer
i dont understand =\

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corn heater
or something
im pretty sure its for heating with corn
not heating corn
really this is a completely foreign concept to me
did you finish the cornthing?
or they are corn boilers
holy shit thats corn?
whats clinker
sculptor: seriously thats what i thought for awhile
optos and AC silicon things ftw
optos and AC silicon devices = SSR

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this ones smaller, just looks like a tube mounted to the bike

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like with just their legs?
nuh uh
so it that coupled to the crank somehow
or its like the actual pulsejet exhaust pushing him
dioxide: we have bikes here that ride in traffic in the 35mph zone
they piss me off because they dont keep up

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fuck yeah @ aeropress coffee
wtf 70mph
where do you get 7-mph rated bicycle tires =(

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hsaha wtf boiler fuel vents onto rider

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that works for prototype shit but for real life sometimes its too dim
like a wide angle led you might not notice it very much in a well lit room
i usually do like 5-10mA for random leds and like 10-15mA for typical leds with actual datasheets to reference
thats prob fine just leave it
theyre spec'd for brightness up to 10mA, referencing 2mA
prob does in a curve

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well thats per pin i dunno if it drops out per port
dont think they have curves for that
5-10mA is safe for most 3mm and 5mm and similar power leds
you subtrace the led voltage from the supply voltage and divide by the led current
i should do coffee wake up thing and go shopping and do laundry and all that kind of bullshit

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leds on one port and relays on another
or split the leds
ha the pins drop out half a volt at 20mA
5v vcc

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note 4 page 317
its like 100mA for each group of ports and pins
then vcc/gnd pins are 200mA limited, so youre prob fine
pretty sure some smaller or older avr had way lower limits
just use 10mA
then you can throw practically any led in there
4 relays and 4 leds?
so you have like 45mA
for the port so thats fine
i would prob split them up

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i wouldnt feed like two 10mA LEDs and six 1mA NPN
but one led and one NPN is prob fine
10mA might be kinda bad, directly driven
haha yeah
no wait yeah what color
so like 12mA
i would check individual pin ratings, thats prob fine for a port with the NPN
whats the port limit?

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like maybe a 4.7K or 3.3K, but its not a crap transistor 10K maybe works
but i dunno youre maybe driving this from a uC pin?
1mA prob isnt a big deal but i dunno what else youre driving with the port
just shot in the head a little bit

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yeah your transistor says min 100 beta @ 2mA Ic and 5V Vce
i would prob try and do like 1mA

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what is this transistor cost
.41 =O
sot23 is neat tho
it usually depends on a bunch of things
ttmustang: as beta or Hfe
well hes doing moar than 2ma
damn .50 for a transistor
okay .11 for 250 isnt bad

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sculptor: more about ringing
ttmustang: its like a beta of 75, driven from 5v
with a 10k, which is around when a lot of transistors will start driving that in linear mode
wow you are using a beta 800 transistor

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ttmustang: maybe you want more current into the base
depending on the relay coil, but slower turn on maybe helps so whatevers

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