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they used to fire machine guns at each other too
different times

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heh prob a bit jittery

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the compiler maybe does it for you who knows
but in hardware you have to steer it
i think i did a timer int, and did all my processing on the previous loops samples, then kicked the adc to sample again at the end

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mainloop is usually like deathloop: rjmp deathloop
wow 1mS
20K cycles a tick?
or they dont even use a 20MHz part
why are they signed...
so youre hard locked into a 1mS tick
so i cant live in the tick
i just gotta check the tick when i feel like it
ha @ end every mainloop with while ( millis() != lastmilli+1 )

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'nor is it calibrated'
i wonder if i have the code for the VU with peak hold i did at CV
i think i left it on the company machine
was 8b at like 100KHz sampling or something
(over the speed spec for 10b but 8b worked okay)
ive never programmed an arduino
it would be hard for me
okay no
ive done like 20min of that before some function and int handling times pissed me off
tho i guess if i had to i could do it
like what, timing
but like
thats all ive ever cared about
my whole life is in a system tick interrupt

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oh cmon you dont even have a schematic this time?
put it in the project dir, do .include filename.ext
name the opamp filename
insert the generic opamp part with the supply rails
naw you dont you just think you do!
most the model files have standard pinouts
but the nets they use for them are random
but really it doesnt matter what the number of the net is, its the order of the nets in the line that matters
which is almost always the same
at least with ti and natsemi parts
i hope its a she
yeah thats kind of awkward
'i didnt do the fft sry'

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its not da or duh macegr

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sprint is on verizon?
well then wtf are you talking about

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my phone wont flip open with this microusb cable
the body gets stuck on the side
fuckin belkin
oh i just gotta bend it and risk popping off my microusb jack
samsung seek
it was free
and has a real keyboard, besides a touchscreen
also it makes phone calls
i can check my mail and use google maps and the web is usable
im not verizon

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so my cig lighter doesnt work
luckily i bought a usb to microusb cable
i use bics
i needed to charge my phone
tonight is dnb
cant go to dnb without communication, people might get left
23:59 <SUKI^[tm]> unban me
23:59 * SUKI^[tm] flashes his SUKI (tm) Gold card.
stop trying to get kicked
instigating drama and shit
phone is alive
im a jeminuy
macegr: i dont think i can see that without an account

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oh i could have had that

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heh i wonder
phone died
cables are at work
guess im going to frys

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haha i saw that like a week ago
blew me away
i prob wasnt ever going to watch that 70s show again anyway

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southwest terminal at oakland has scanners
i dont think burbank has them, i dont remember if LAX has them
oakland is the only place i had to pose for a bigass scanner

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sometimes they dont do either
ive been through TSA or foreign equiv like 10 times in the last 6mo, ive only been patted down like twice
and its not even that hardcore a pat down
ive only been scanned once
every other time they just had me walk through metal detectors

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just install it from a ramdisk/livecd/whatever lunix?

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thats kinda cool
wonder if you can move it down on the stand
be great for fakeracing
get some actual peripheral vision
even using look left/right, fakeracing on a widescreen monitor is still like racing with toilet paper roll goggles =(

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ball nose endmill, CNC mill, and some sort of expert polishing guy
or maybe put the polishing tool into the cnc machine
depends how smooth you can machine it
United States Display Consortium's High Resolution Displays Workshop in Arlington, Virginia
Society for Information Display's Annual Meeting in the UK
serious bsns

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