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bom connects to them
eagle is the only shit i would buy
ok youre welcome!

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tried dicktrace?
its not like youre an EE
wtf is designspark
like brit rs or radioshit or what are you talking about
i did bitch
make me use my mouse
ah the brits
i like them
whatever its dark i could hurt myself alt tabbin and shit
ur a renesis
i wish quitting smoking was as easy as not eating animal stuff

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they prob have remote switch wires
whats freepcb
the software?
ive never used it
i think i tried once and just gave up, real fast
do some random shit save the file try and open it again
i think there might be a timer on the behavior tho =\
can you explain that more
im not sure if you mean that in a positive or negative way
for when you dont want passenger to hear

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so most of those thing you hold a button down to turn them on
then the button does other shit
so even if you switched it with ignition youd still have to enable it
yeah that part is weird
i get the not wanting it to turn on
because thats weird because sometimes you dont answer
because thats not how they work
damn this is making you angry
so i should clean up my place but its cold so i think im going to take a nap instead

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pew pew pew

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damn i got no chan cred
hey theres a cronodot on there

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i do this every night
call crutchfield?
rab just said relay =(
no u
all urmomd dogs
*urmoms, fu
because she has 3000
he couldnt
there are too many

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whats the wireless module on top?
seriously fuck guitars
i want to do real fucking electronics
ive been there like 9 months i havent touched an AP except for at a friends house
hey whatever you wanted to be ME
so theyre going to add mechatronic appeal to realdolls or what
anyway id be happier on any other project probably, and theyre getting into stage and studio active monitors
im like, omfg if im still on this fucked up guitar shit
man i want fakemeat corndogs but market just closing now

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macegr: the shit thats awesome is because its technical, but like none of the melodies really stick or stand out, stuff that isnt a solo is kinda whatever, and like i dont his solos dont talk
like theyre not having a conversation
theyre just a collection of random genius ramblings
macegr: no
im never here anymore =\
^ sounds like 80s video game music
but not awesome video game music
like ikari warriors or something
arduino triple stack?

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macegr: okay im at 2:`10
macegr: yeah im kinda like, meh
the pinnacle of 80s hair

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its like mid 80s hip hop
dork commenter
man fuck all that
i would not pay to see satriani
this guy is like van halen with no fucking soul
its just masturbation
okay i will fix
i think im going to pay money for that
in giant plastic format
thats the only awesome rolling stones song

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wow, you are schooled in krs one
no wonder youre awesome
sikk old skool rap song, the 90'z rap and hip hop was the best it blows away the faggoty overrated hip hop and rap of today,. UBERGAY!
djsikk36 1 day ago
djsikk36 1 day ago

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its krs one
thats the teacher.
he knows because the teacher taught him
i dont even know wtf youre talking about
it was two kids
and yeah, cris cross or whatever
rawkin backwards crosscolors
thats funny because krs one is about as credible as you get in hiphop
criscross, now so much

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like i said finding out about the guy friends liver and him doing it for health reasons and it helping was a bigger influence
actually the ground beef fakemeat is pretty good
dude the veggie chili from trader joes is pretty awesome
i throw some more chili powder and cayenne and ginger in it its fucking double plus
anyway if this just gets me eating more veggies its a good thing
i can
humans eat anything
its made out of me... meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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asperagus is okay
sucks i dont buy this stuff
ill eat it but when im in the produce section nothing clicks and tells me to buy like, asparagus
i need to eat less grains and fakemeat and start trying to eat veggies more
realmeat or fakemeat
blackmoon: the friendgirl is vegan, and i dont remember it being particularly tight
blackmoon: =) its not the reason
well shes part of it, because she will bring up shit i try not to think about when eating
also the puss in the milk
thats what started it
dude we were friends and fucking around or not fucking around for 15 years before this happened i doubt its that

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dx^: i stopped taking glucosamine and vitamins =(
that shit helped too
it helped when i was taking it for like 6 months
environmental variables i think
i made peanut butter cookies with olive oil instead of butter
came out pretty good
and agave sweetener instead of sugar
blackmoon: eh
macegr: usually
one time sandi preheated a pan and threw my pesto in it and i watched it seperate and turn all brown
things got emotional
yeah i just wanted to warm it up =(

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has for a long time
b) i need to eat healthier
i do but its mad expensive
im not that korean
yeah good meat is too expensive
also some fakemeat is hella tasty
i think my costco membership expired
but yeah fakemeat corndog > real corndog
dude i dont got time to deal with chickens
anyway a friend who went through the same toxic psych bullshit i went through as a kid has been having liver related health issues
which ive been scared of for a long time, hes been eating vegan 3 months and a bunch of symptoms improved
so yeah that says a ton for me

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yay molly ringwald
ally sheedy was better but id still hit it
did you ever see the breakfast club?
or pretty in pink?
or sixteen candles
yeah im not going to recommend them...
the breakfast club is pretty cool
also hi, dx
and then
damn wtf
im trying to be all vegan
except the shrimp part
blackmoon: who, friendgirl?
i really doubt this gets me any closer
but a) mass production meat scares me

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mfkr eck0

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