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man i should be sleeping
i didnt get any dishes done today
prob no time
im going to try and get them to send the jan ship guitars down, the stuff i gotta repair
if i go up again, im telling them im not doing crazy hours and being rushed and shit they got their 2010 guitars, fucking accountants

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i decided drum step is okay
like every other dj at every show since like i dunno may has played that shit it usually means the shows over
well or their set is over
but im not like completely totally sick of it
thats the normal version like wtf is that people get paid to make music this slow?
i know someone up there
he prob knows where to find stuff
yeah i was going to get his number in case i go up to hayward again
i think hes in SF
it was raining

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wooooo, i finally fixed the antiskate spring on this sl-1200mk2
abused $150 sl-1200 + $60 tonearm assembly from panasonic = $350 worth of win
now i just gotta do the other one
neat all the records i thought were fucked are playing fine now

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so it would take maybe 20 i think
theyre 3w
theyre going to be the same color
so i can do them in series

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macegr: how many megabrites to light up a small bedroom?
they are prob only 1W each or something?
ya its like a knock knock joke
no i mean like usable
not like, im a cat
like i wanna read a book
so like 6 or 8 wouldnt cut it i guess
okay so i wont give you money nm
no one 14W would due
ha wat
and then
thats cool for some lamps

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macegr: omg did you see question?

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macegr: lots of kbbq like that

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hit button on $99999 app, have lunch
irl ^

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macegr: how many megabrites to light up a room, like medium size bedroom
i think like 4 or 6 or what

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