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wow google docs spreadsheet is totally annoying

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uh, thanks

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fuck the main loop, timer loop ftw

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unless some ambient heat source melts them or some shit

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macegr: should i be listening to this vid or what
it doesnt look very exciting
they shut down if they get to hot so theoretically it doesnt hurt them

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this is on a breadboard?
id figure those gates would sink and source, pretty sure thats cmos
no idea what you mean bbl foods
macegr: which

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heh what
attach the gate to ground
it prob already has 5v sitting in the gate to source capacitance
U4 has to be able to sink the current, take forever to drain out the 100K

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he needs to flip the 270

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whatever i still say make \___/ and | and slide it all together then glue
so he has to glue like 20 of these things all together practically freehand?
yeah my thing is its own jig!
who cares about drips as long as it is light tight

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but that way there is no overlap, less material waste
uh ok
so make these \___/ | out of steel or aluminum or abs or whatever
and slide it all together and braze or glue or whatever
you need to slot intelligently
to hold it together
and reduce waste

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i need food and laundry money
you know what fuck all you people complaining about cards for laundry machine
wtf @ change?
by next year its gonna be like PLS INSERT 12 QUARTERS FOR A WASH
yeah that could work easy
but you can do it with one long piece with bends and slots at the ends
and then another piece that slots into the middle of that
then glue it all
no shape like \___/
and another like |
is all he needs
and it holds itself all together
that middle part sticking out
between the square and the circle
wtf is this shit anyway

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yeah gotta decode whole part numbers, shit like that
danielson: flip the 270
danielson: like 1 or 1000
yeah i was gonna say make it from bending sheet metal
then braze or spot weld or whatever it together
looks like you can i can see how do do it out of two pieces that slot together

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its still simple just takes more parts and space
yeah not like it takes more money

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wtf is a batch of LEDs
they dont if youre multiplexing them
if you mean controlled together, like all on or off at once, each led needs a resistor

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rab: mean

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probably, in butt fuck nowhere, and a 30 year loan

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