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dont buy that shit
the eee is resistive, it does multitoch tho
or hmm maybe the touchpad is capacitive and the touchscreen is resistive
no idea

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designed by canadians
they snap together with magnets heh
nico: the mixer i was using was a forgotten service return, scratchy pots besides being low performance and lacking features
but yeah mixxx on a big touchscreen would be neat

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anyway i tried fucking with mixxx with my eee tablet
not enough cpu unless latency is set at like 100ms
even then it kind of sucks
concept is neat tho
ha i had to figure all that shit out for my first project at exjob
used our little touch input control decks and mixer at the xmas party, was pretty neat

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guys i want that
its chinese but its UK design
i has the turntables
plus computers and mp3 players and also stuff
i miss having a mixer to route my stereo shit and pc through
attigo tt i think?
i met the guy he worked for stanton for a bit
i dont think anything has been built yet, theres no software posted
but the vids of it are awesome

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ive heard that part prob like 100 times
i want to play it really loud in my office
yes thats a reference to dubstep and jump up dnb addiction to the 'wobble'
they found the LFO knob, basically
heh sunday night who cares
my late night out is thursday =\
i had to gtfo of thankgiving by 9pm to go to drum n bass
yeah i went to the 2nd floor vending machine
drum n bass looks like it doesnt exist in korea
like it did at one club for maybe a year, some big djs did sets, now nothing
a facebook page where promoter is like YEAH IM MOVIN ON, LATERS

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honestly i was at this culture clash dj battle thing
red bull sponsored, im prob on vh1
and it was like, deep house vs hiphop vs rasta dub vs dnb/dubstep
and besides respect towards the rastas, i relarted to the dubstep more than everything else except the dnb from the same people
sorry that ^
that rusko track is like, end of every dnb show
since fucking early summer
rab they are prob afraid of oakland
but it does that cool drum thing and then it drops some pretty significant bass
and some annoying punker synth
guys im up late
and laundry and dishes aint done
and i gotta be at work tomorrow

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ive heard bits of some of this shit in dnb songs
i think that guy is from pendulum, sounds like pendulum
its like towards drum n bass speeds, but a lot of it is backbeats instead of break beats
so its kind of more pop, more accessible
its like how dub step is more accessible because its 140bpm two step, so its kind of like 70bpm
so its like slower hip hop, rocker speed

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is a Canadian progressive, electro, and house producer based in Toronto, Ontario.
its prob a boom-tss or two-step beat
glitchy donkey kong house
so yeah fuck ported boxes, more spl for a sharper bass roloff is a retarded tradeoff

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i can get an AP system one like i do measurements at other hackers, same cost
but theyre ancient, unsupported
but they do like .0006% THD (!)
but they dont do gated FFT acoustic plots

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morning bay area hax0rz
guys i hate passive crossovers
like i go to other hackers and show him how i manage to flatten the inductance curve on the woofer
and flatten the resonance curve on the tweeter, the impedance curves
and hes like, yeah why
im like, so the passive filters actually work like theyre supposed to
like you calc a linkwitz riley curve, you plot voltage and see a linkwitz riley curve
because the datasheet plots are constant voltage
and hes basically like, yeah whatever you need to see acoustical response so you either need software to simulate it or hardware and software to measure it
hes basically like, give up at passive speakers
but i note people who know nothing build speakers with passive xovers, clueless how misaligned they are, and theyre quite happy
and he is like, true
clio measurement system is like $1500
like, new, supported

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omg there is some crazy rain shit happening

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omfg fuck tubes
maybe for preamps
12ax7 are pretty cute
haha @ transistor in a tube

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macegr: heh

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thats almost too much for this haha
how much is it like $.15?
but yeah this is gonna output square waves so you maybe want to filter back to sine

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thats neat
you clock a toggle flip flop
and use the output to clock another toggle flip flop
and it divides the frequency
yeah tap the third bit

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dmt is nuts
works awesome for some people, kind of freaks other people out
when i was younger i wanted to do this south american hallucinogenic tea
makes you trip blue, pretty lasting effect, generally positive reports following the experience
my guess is its a survival trip
but it turns out its DMT and MAOI
the MAOI makes the DMT last way longer than the typical 30-90 second bump
interitu5: have you ever smoked herb?
shrooms isnt much worse unless you do a ton

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same with over the counter
pretty much
certain hallucinogens i can see the reasoning
horse tranqulizer is harder to understand
etards can be pretty sad when they dont have e, works pretty good as a deterrent

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*stuff shoved
like obviously thats not going to go over well, so theres going to be an acceptable amount of shit get through
well, the hardest drug to smuggle involves the cutest girls
so yeah, short of raping women
and using dogs
which will just overload and kill people
theyre doing a decent job
metal detectors and pat downs
no one got shot or stabbed
and they got a massive amount of people to help
we used to walk over people at parties we later found out were dead
there would be like on emt team at a show
things are considerably better now
*one emt

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macegr: ha like the rave shit at the los angeles colliseum
except prob no one is trying to shut down black friday
they got like 120 people to the hospital for injury or overdose
im like damn thats awesome
thats a venue thats on it
one person died from a drug od
thats why they want to ban music festivals at the colliseum
like, they do full pat downs
just one chick dying from an OD sounds like a good score, its not the venues fault
right theyre not going to unhook bras and finger girls to find stoff shoves up their vag

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dont they usually have knobs to adjust sensitivity and range?
time for coffee
and dishes and laundry
hey im roasting coffee with a popcorn popper, ghetto can be functional
the non ghetto method is like $150 =\
something changed
macegr: heh

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sli3k: yes
you should prob be using faster amps for everything, but definitely use the tl082 over the 741
smash the pins on the 741 so you know not to use them
or sell them on ebay as vintage audio components

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i guess lots of things i dunno much about, but then them canning my proj manager was a big deal, and i guess how management butted heads about my last trip
lots of people were trying to convince him to stay, but i know the guy didnt just make the decision without a ton of thought so i didnt even try
super awesome guy to work for tho, been there like 10 years, management is basically like OSHIT about finding a replacement
i should totally clean up that avr synth code and make a module or something

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for a theramin, stuff above 10khz is just going to annoy people =)
rab: my awesome manager has said like fuckit, and left the company
the lab on its own now

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16:46 < tonsofpcs> (that's an AM radio receiver)
its FM isnt it?
AM isnt even that hard its just clipping a wave in half and low pass filtering out the carrier

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if you want to do them with opamps, they need to be high speed opamps
old general purpose amps wont work

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wein bridge oscillator for a theramin
i guess it divides the frequency later
oh and then you pull out the difference

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i should totally make an 8b dds theramin
i wouldnt i would use the frequency and a known resistance to measure capacitance
prob with an active filter and maybe level converting buffer section
then just adc on a micro thats spitting audio waves to a dac depending on the capacitance
but i dunno if you dont have enough time its prob bad to do it my way =\
you could make a voltage controlled oscillator with opamps
like for the audio output part
instead of my 8b synth idea

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basically your application need 'special opamp'
no you need need to research and maybe pay an extra .50
but you can just shove your finger in a bin and use whatever 8dip amp sticks
i rabbed
then write that up in the project
that you learned that a 741 aint doing shit at 800khz
aside from maybe comparator mode operation
741 is like mid 70s
it says 1mhz on the ti page!
hey neat project
does it need to be variable?
the clock
right but could you maybe just use a crystal osillator, use a RC circuit to sense hand capacitance, and then turn that value into an audio oscillator frequency?

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says gain bandwidth is 1mhz
so right with 3MHz you might see similar behaviour around 600KHz

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tl07x is 3MHz unity gain bandwidth
so your gain might be attenuated at 800mhz but it might work
those are pretty common, tl072 and tl074
tl082 is 3mhz, more noise but it shouldnt matter

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thats prob better but thats still pretty ancient
itll likely work better
but 1mhz wont mean it works to 1mhz
thats when its gain hits unity
100dB is x100,000 gain
theres a lot of bandwidth between where its 100dB and where its 0dB
yeah i think thats the other detail dunno anything about your circuit

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the superanalog people i know will bring them up
okay well a 741 is crap
so if youre getting it towards 700KHz thats pretty good
okay that makes more sense
it has to do with the open loop gain of a 741
past a few hundred khz they stop acting like opamps, their gain reduces until its eventually unity and below
modern opamps will go past 1MHz before they run out of gain
741 is made like that so it doesnt response to high frequency noise or interference
its pretty much for audio, and low speed or dc signal processing or level shifting or whatever

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i bet the ports on the other side of the avr still work

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so you would take the thing apart, replace all the cells, get a part number for the gauge ic, get the datasheet, prob a few app notes too, download whatever software you need, hack up some interface or maybe just buy it, then read shit and fissit
or you can prob just buy it on ebay
yeah but what are you programming the eeprom with

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buy a new one
but yeah they usually have calibrated battery monitor ic

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so its a soldier guy in a folding chair

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that thing is 3 year old, still working, used daily in an electronics lab
new one has 32gb, 2sd card ports, tablet touchscreen action
cant play 1080p compressed vid is the only valid complaint i can see against it
so in general its pretty awesome
wouldnt mind a big laptop tho

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netbooks arent supposed to have hdd
they have usb ports for those
right so bring the 500gb usb hdd and plug it into the ssd netbook
heh my first one has 4gb ssd
that was actually the biggest one available at the time

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