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`nico: hi
okay bbl

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that place has too much light and too much organized storage

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BlackMoon: prob powerpoints or handous for a lecture

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no idea
we do
macegr: hi
im making japchae

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like a fridge cares about surges

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they have cooling fans
actually im not sure
hey i bought one of those foam condoms =D
yeah wtf where does it suck air from if you have it submersed in water
the can seams?
oh that sounds bad
weather and basements sounds like a bad scene
Tekrad: sexy

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do you do a switch between gloves
or two vacuums and like waste valve or something
itd have to be fast
or a lot of overlap and a lot of excess suck
so two vacuumes and like bypass valves
just keep moving everything be okay
wtf were you doing

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BlackMoon: newer laptop power bricks are awesome you just plug them in anywhere in the world, just have to make the plug fit
fridge is prob a motor across mains and a temp switch?

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aw he died thats sad

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i bought a french press coffee brewer
fucking sucked but i needed coffee
i almost wanted to run out and throw money at the security guard
yeah but you do it on the same day as everyone else who does it once a year
fuck crowds
and lines

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by useful work you mean like, recieving and decoding signals?
or do you mean like, doing something with the signal too
hmm that counts

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right they are going to hire mercenaries to get all the copper from china,
if you could do they wed all prob have to walk around in radiation suits

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do not fuck with this cap
5% polyester 63V
under $1

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damn pricey
$1.50 for $10 hmm
er 10
moar ghetto

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fuckin pitz
what are you doing here
Rab: know where to get film cap kits?
besides stealing them from exjob
yeah thats all i can think off
or buy like, tons of 1uF and like .1uF caps from madisound or something

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guys my microwave doesnt have a timer function
fuckin daewoo costco bullshit
i should hack the microwave so itll do countdown timer
like just a kitchen timer with the microwave not running
i guess i could just put a switch on the psu for the microwave tube
or a leray

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Rab: haha neat user manual @ altec mic link
fuckin nuclear
Rab: haha

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new job has them too but dont need them anymore for my project so never get to do anything with them
but my ee friend from exjob has an ap sys1, and tons of other gear in his home lab so i can still go over there and use it

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i want an AP =\
audio precision
and i bought a system one, but i sent it back and paypal disputed
got my money back, and yeah old job had some ap system ones and an ats-2

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compared to the simulated one, which is basically ballparked and tweaked until the simulated impedance vs freq plots match actual
so the compensation network we tried was close, needed adjustment
way better than native response tho

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my friend was tripping because 3" VU meters are now $150
Rab: so simple speaker spice model works pretty well for the woofer i was compensating
i went to other hackers and did sweeps with his AP
and got the VC inductance curve to flatten out first values i tried
the tweeter is build into its own little pod and its got ferrofluid and has kind of a bumpy resistance spike at resonance

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