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i think you have to cut the speaker apart to test the voice coil with an lcr

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yeah looks like itll just read out the resistance
unless its under 10 ohms

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timecop: beeeep
timecop: can i set that thing to give me inductance of a resistor?
or is it just gonna be like THIS IS A 20K RESISTOR

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yeah but it doesnt spec how much it sucks in that range
The Atlas LCR does everything automatically, it tells you the component type in addition to component value data.
is this thing gonna try and outsmart me?
can i tell it to give me inductance?

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no im being bummed out i want an lcr meter
i just said, i want an lcr meter
link or die
. For inductances between 100µH and 100mH.
it maybe sucks for pickups
its prob okay for speakers

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then theres the crossover and then its all mirrored but one has a zobel
then on top is splots of the two, and the zobel completely fixed the crossover response from the change in impedance from voice coil inductance
ltspice doesnt lie (!)

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guys i have to fix my website already
no just the image dir really
timecop: analogs^
rhetts: okay the parts with the voicecoil and cone labels are for simulating speaker impedance

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rhetts: holy shit zobel network is awesome

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rhetts: i found speaker test data \o/
it was like in usbhdd\_BACKUP\SORT_ME\Desktop\MESS\projects\rhett_5.1

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i think my newshoes are on a truck
man i want to sleep
lunch with other hacker in less than an hour =O
my newclothes are like my old clothes
usually i use the new clothes cut ends from hemming to patch the old clothes

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mmm guar gum

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