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cheater99: haha tube probe

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hmm november
some of them might be doing like pre thanksgiving midterm shit or something
if thats a college questions, though, im laughing
actually we are talking about you as if you are not here
it's a bit rude
that sucks
maybe we are no better than stu

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this terravita guy is one of those drumstep guys
is like, dubstep at acceptable (faster) speeds + some breaks
he at drum n bass tomorrow nite

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haha @ causality
this is his emonick

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is my keller even still alive?
*mr keller
thats not really his wife

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yeah i saw
it means fuck america
but whatever

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oh yeah well i slept almost all day hows that for productive

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what game?

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BlackMoon: that would be funny with a fully automatic weapon
do i care what is senate bill 510

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ssh on a big tv would be pretty sweet
bigass terminal
okay pizza
then laundry wtf

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phone is phone again \o/
on your tv that might be like 7"
timecop isnt always very helpful or nice
omg you can h4x it
does it have net port?

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getting those
i think
theyre on sale

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cats, fuck yeah
haha yeah

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timecop: urmom is dead

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