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done with korea!
well, for now
just one stupid email report left
luckily i am not drunk and pissed off and sad over gene czerwinski dying this time

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pencil, ruler, paper
any cad software
pirated audio sequencer app
wtf is timing diagram software
kbbl werq

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macegr: ew rye
sourdough is >
so you pick out the rye thingies?
they has a name
yeah fuck those things they are the smile killer

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hey man crossover circuits aint easy when the resistance vs frequency looks like a ski jump

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over a gram of weed
judges hate that
he gave me an A+ in stupid next time i saw him
even the public pretender girl was like, dude get a medical card
and no more financial aid at school for a whole year
thank god LACCD community college is like $20 a unit

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fuckit im like, bitches pat me down like i give a shit
shit i get patted down every week just to get into drum n bass
yeah thats kinda annoying
thats just to fuck with you
i got my earrings into jail
theyre like TAKE THAT SHIT OUT im like, i cant i need special tools
WAT DO YOU WANT TO GO TO MEDICAL im like yeah lets do it
and they didnt ask anymore
i ended up in medical anyway because i was like yeah i was on psychotropes like 6 years ago
where they forgot about me for three days
[more story]
then the shift seargent went OH SHIT
and sent me downstairs at the back of a line going to a prison, there was mad comm to make sure i got picked off the back of that line
and sure enough i got my release papers, and i was only supposed to be there one night
los angeles. fuck yeah.

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last day!
macegr: its only for a short period so we beg them to switch to invassive scanner techniques

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handle it
k really back to sleeps

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one day
k back to sleep
helpme is gone
[01:45] <helpme> anyways, has anyone used the tda2050 ic?
i think 2052 is better
hey i dont know how to work record players either
i have two!
i still need to replace the tonearm on one
fuck a mic
two tables and a mixer all you need fuck the emcee
i know
im like fuck that beck reference
urmom is outside in

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helpme: because the question you asks suggests that you are not ready to be helped
you need to look for a pinout in a datasheey then look for compatible pinout amps
then figure out if it makes a difference
no one wants to do that for you
because if you cant even do that, it means that helping you will just lead to more questions
no one even knows what you mean by sounding better
get an LM3886 chipamp kit if you need better

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