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im out of cigs
neat people at home are all happy about images i sent with email report
<3 samsung 10x optical 12mpx cam
ive dropped that shit like 5 times and it can still make rusted #6 threads look like the rusted hull of a super tanker

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want to play fallout NV
doesnt everyone do online banking?
how else are you supposed to do banking?
like walk into a building and talk to people?
i only do that when i want attention from a girl with no strings
tho i dunno, maybe they are just super nice to me...
i wear baggie double knee dickies in neutral and black tshirts
thats not gang banger at all
if anything its the definition of technician
okay dreads were never gang banger
they scream passive stoner
and wtf do you not pay attention?
i havent had dreads is probably two years
since july of...
09 was the CV job
i didnt say that it was an error in my text stream
breathing is overrated

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heh @ guitar site
guy is prob going to try and do homebrew gibson robot tuner stuff

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microcontrroller, darlington arrays, stuff
no u

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kickass i think i just scored mushrooms with my pepperoni pizza
costs like $1.60 per topping
im down with most kind of mushrooms
down with those too

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damn its the same
like you dont order a pizza and then toppings
they have insane preconfigured pizzas
i seen them make them, tho
theyre not just pulled out of a freezer
i really like their thin crust
the reg crust isnt bad, its the same as america pretty much
bit too oily, kinda spongy
Gambit-: haha
i totally miss my NYC pizza place down the street from work
pizza everyday is bad
so i go mon, wed, and fri

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Your search - english site:www.pizzahut.co.kr - did not match any documents.
=( =( =(

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guys i think its time for kpizza-hut
whatever i dont even have to order myself
i just tell the front desk and pizza happens
im going to try and get mushrooms with the pepperoni
i dont think its going to work out
hehe @ motorcycle on fire

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we already driven them insane, but i wont get into that
they been hella cool with us
im still here arent i?

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their idea of electronics is like, pots and pickups
maybe an active pickup or small preamp pcba, which is likely TH tech
were throwing like, 4 layer SMD PCBA w/ dual core DSP, 8 channels of codecs, li-ion battery management, 30 pin UI harness, and all controls are parallel for digital tracking and then standard magnetic pickup operation when the thing is powered down
theyre like, NEAT and OMFG, simultaneously
the crazy thing is the fucking thing actually works, and has processing time to expand functionality
oh yeah we got encoder knobs with labels on the side that are lightpiped RGB backlit
w/ buttons

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so i did like four of five timed builds yesterday
our guitars might actually be manufacturable!
who knew!
fuck its awesome to be done with rework and firmware updates
kinda, but not at all
its pretty amazing
we aint gonna optomize shit as far as making guitars
they know more than well ever know
we just have to help with the wtf shit during electromechanical assembly process
but as far as shaping the bodies and finish painting and buffing, building up the guitar, we aint gonna teach them anything

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yeah thats what i said, unity
either that, or chinese moms will drag their kids out and point like, LOOK AT THIS MAN HIS CHINESE IS PERFECT!
all laughing like hes some sort of freak
i seen him get down when we have reps from chinese CMs in the building and hes in town
its pretty impressive to see him switch back and forth between accents
hahah he came to korea for the first time to meet factory boss
and china town is across from my hotel so we went to a chinese resteraunt there
and he tried to order in chinese, and the korean girl just looked at him with a tilted head
and it was like she bust out with some kryptonite
his powers were useless, and he was back to hand gestures and pronouncing words she didnt understand slower like that helps
eventually just broken down to pointing at pictures on the menu

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macegr: mmm pita chips
ew shrimp
dont eat bugs man they has bug poo inside.
haha everyone i eat with is like YAY I EAT YOUR SHRIMPS
whatever like you can get slimy bug poo out
congradulations on only eating the liquidy, sticky, slimy part of the poos
haha, our china supply chain guy was all, in china no one eats raw veggies, salads horrify them
i guess because farmers will just shit in the fields
yeah he says its gone
because they couldnt get them to be conservative about it
they were like me at mongolian bbq (i dont get all you can eat)
yeah i get my shit returned to me, shrunk down after cooking, in three bowls
anyway, this guy been in china 10 years
has a chinese wife
speaker perfect chinese
like, when he goes into some shops, they will see his wife and say to her, HEY WE CAN HELP YOU JACK THIS GUY
like they think shes a whore

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k i gotta do some work
hell no
i barely eat meat at home

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BlackMoon: looks as heavy as my taig tho

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breakfest buffet, meh
even the potato wedges are losing their appeal
fedex package still says clearance delay
=( =( =(

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prob because people dont mind being in #electronics anymore/
okay that part of the dnb stream i could do without
yeah that wasnt predictable or anything

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Eggsalad: should i move to korea
Eggsalad: eh
flagada jones is fuckin shit up (hehe hes italian or something i think, sounds a bit mario when he talks)
thats a google open dns server?

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mine were like $4 at target or something
they clip onto the shelf rails
i have to keep the knob at almost 80% to coldest
so keep the fridge around 0C and the freezer like iunno -15C

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Rab: ohshit we were actually building shit at the factory today
i don't have to go home all like WTF WE FAIL AGAIN
Sli3k: nothing else in the circuit would last as long
well you can just superconduct outside in a couple months
damn dude you should prob fix your freezer
i bought some china thermometers for my fridge and freezer
dunno why thats not standard equipment

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i doubt there are tons of class-g/class-h AB designs in RF
get a lot more creative in audio =)
if i cant buy it at digikey its just academic lab stuff

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but typically audio devices are chained together, especially in live audio and recording situations, so again, shit adds up
also most RF amps are pretty fucking simple
design and layout isnt, but the circuits usually arent complicated (all the complex shit is usually endcoding/decoding)

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so you get heroic roloff of noise
but you get *huge* bumps/delay before it rolls off
so if you get some interference at that freq, itll clip the amps
prob just a transient thing, and youll go nuts trying to find out why if youre shit isnt simulated
BlackMoon: and it does matter when you can measure it
everything makes little differences, but when youre trying to get target THD+N across the entire bandwidth, you basically go nuts on little things because they all add up
itheres nothing bullshit about it when you have industry standard test equipment that measures down to .0006% THD
if you mean like, what you can hear, well yeah
as long as youre not clipping at 1% and hummin your PSU ripple, you prob dont notice

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they usually arent
theyre either used as the input resistor, or theyre after the input buffer
but you put the pot on the low side
instead of the high side of the feedback divider
or you can just wiper it i guess
you see that kind of stuff in guitar pedals
but you almost *always* see caps across the high side of the feedback divider
to limit high end response
it can make shit oscillate sometimes, certain conditions
but you can tweak the value without getting to deep into poles and zeros bullshit and it usually goes away
and its in like almost everything audio
and commodity opamps used in audio are usually 1MHz+ unity open loop gain
and traditionally tuned to LPF around 100KHz
thats why you have to watch where you put out of audio filter poles
they can stack and if you have a long signal path, its the same as having an active filter with horribly fucked alignment

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AMP is a company that makes connectors, you should make a new amp
well the chip might be good
dude you guys are all typing to fast
then i was right when i was ignoring it
so i would put like 22K in parallel with the pot, put the filter before it,
fuck the layout exists
this might take some rework
sec i will draw something new

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if you put the LPF after the pot, itll change response when you change the pot
you want to put a buffer before the pot
if you keep it like that, put the filter before the pot
the pot is your input impedance
so its high, anyway
i would prob put like 22k in parallel with it
oh wait i ignored that shit
its speaker level inputs?
its 100R input impedance
well change R4 to 10K
well, its a headphone amp not a line out i guess thats fine
oh, yeah thats 1K
damn that shit is so backwards
sorry im half asleep
well like, youre fucking yourself
youre decreasing the noise on the signal and the signal by the sam amount
but youre bringing the signal down closer to the noise floor
i would swap the 1K and 100R
you have a pot after it anyway if it sounds clipped turn it down

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mids should be run well enough above their low end roloff in their enclosure that it shouldnt matter
its basically luck
i didnt say anything
use wood
heavier is better
for low end
for high end, everything needs to be rigid
well then its going to be comrpomised
BlackMoon: big speakers tend to be really sensitive
so theyll sound better with just a few watts compared to a little speaker with a few watts
they wont be overdriven, and theyll be louder
its AC coupling, with a bleed resistor on the input side, an input impedance resistor, and a LPF for noise/interference
you can set the HPF response by changing the cap
keep the input resistor at 10K
thats the low end of industry standard, higher values increase noise succeptibility
with that circuit you want the input of the amp close to the physical connector
or do like 100pF and maybe 470pF LPF right after the cap
oh, yeah fuck
that pot screws up everything
on stallins amp

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its the music, moon
rock and dance music is saturated in the mid range
so typical systems you cut mids
everything is =\
Lope: wtf is this for, your car?
dude 20W TDA2052 i think
for the tweeter
LM3886 or similar ST amps for the mids
and buy some 200W class D for the low end
do all crossovers active
because passive crossovers are shit
designing a good passive crossover is an art, to do it well with little experience requires expensive software
and knowing your speaker response over frequency
active crossovers just work
there is no magic
BlackMoon: yeah well, life sucks when you dont have lasers
but if you want to design an enclosure for low end response, thats how you do it
one way at least, but its the cheap way
thats how you get a few of the parameters for enclosure design
but its just about low end response
not mids/highs

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because they sound good
typically theyll go down to about 2KHz
then do the mid like 120 to 2khz
find a full range driver
so that 8" with good bass response made for subs...
thats prob the wrong one
or 6" or whatever
but pro audio uses 15" drivers for response up to 2khz
its almost traditional
215 horn systems
theyre just lighter cones and motor assemblies, tighter suspension
well if you want bass and youre triamping you just match the amplitude
your high end drivers are prob going to be more sensitive
haha prob by like 6-10dB
if youre not going out of you way to match them, which you shouldnt on an active system
thats kind of okay
passive xovers sucks
especially oem
prob has electrolytic caps and 5% sand resistors
thats typical
just make your own
first step is to measure you speaker impedance
you should prob go buy speaker book

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ST amps are pretty awesome for the price
used a ton in the audio industry
size doesnt matter so much
dude i did dev work on a 21" subwoofer
it sucked
well its whatever you tune it to do
speaker size doesnt matter
its the enclosure and the speaker parameters
like, 10" and 12" are typically good for reasonable sized enclosures
but there are 8" woofers will do like 40Hz to whatever the designer wants as far as high end
but youre prob not buying those
because someone is trying to make money off you
anyway high end response is poor on bassy woofers
because bassy woofers usually have a low resonance
'which means loose suspension
and heavy motor assemblies
which dont lend themselves well to high end transient response
use a fabric dome tweeter
like 1"
just a suggestion

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not even
crest on typical music signals is like 12-20dB
why would you do that
whatever why are you gapping from 80 to 120hz
just do filters at 120hz
80hz is fine
but you need the mid drivers to push down to 80hz then
200hz is usually the high end of variable filters
but typically stuff sounds good around 100hz
there is no standard really
because a sub could be thousands of woofers in as many enclosures with different tunings

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well it depends on the amp
but if youre switching high enough to get good HF resolution, its prob not all that efficient
1% THD is pretty good for speakers
but amps THD is usually clipping
so its got a characteristic sound
speaker thd could be anything
1% is pretty standard
for a max power marketing spec
Stal1n is gone
oh i forgot the other reason
BlackMoon: putting the filter there increases dc offset
on a BJT input amp
which is pretty common on input stages
(the higher input bias current is why theyre lower noise than typical jfet inputs)
biamps and triamps are king
passive crossovers are trash
just class-G it
yeah thats fine
it wont be wasting 10W sustained

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like, theres other ways to do it
theres a lot of tricks in newer controllers
Stal1n: see the link?
thats pretty typical for audio
a lot of designs will use a 100R and 100pF right after the input cap
to kill ringing in the cable and eat some HF stuff
like right at the input
a lot of designs will put the input R right at the amp input
and use another LPF filter before it
because you want the input resistor right at the amp input
dead current traces are succeptible to noise/interference
its audible and visible
0.1 is acceptable
typically under 0.1% THD you cant really tell the difference

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meh i dont have any opamps setup in ltspice

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also you can totally jack up an amps response
if you filter to low and there are other filter poles in the amp signal path
because theyll combine and you get bumps before rolloff
dude if theres two other 30khz filters, yeah totally
you just amplified your noise before rolloff
it reduces headroom
if there is something flipping it out and it clips because of some 6db bump you introduced, itll reduce headroom
whatever you can simulate it
sec ill post something
and you cant use unloaded RC calcs with resistors that big
because of the input resistor
also you drop out the input level and increase THD+N for the same output
if you use a 10K for the LPF and have 10K input impedance you just dropped 6db
if he doesnt, hes doing it wronng

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if its single ended input, try and filter at like 30-40khz, add a couple resistors in series with the input
like 100R
and drop a 100pF or similar from there to ground
yeah but input impedance changes it
audio is typically 10K-50K
high impedance inputs get noisy as fuck
meh i need to fix my website
anyway you cant use a very big series resistor
usually something
anyway ill draw something, sec

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how is the laptop powered
2 or 3 prong
use a 3 to 2 prong adapter
bend or cut the tab that earths to the outlet plate screw
youre ground looping
yeah but this is pretty common with laptops

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that is neat

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purpose built regs will do >90% like whatever
i think im going to buy some korean cigs from the vending machine
universal controllers are neat for prototyping
or when cost is an issue
naw i mean little shit made with parts on hand
like if you want better efficiency than a vreg, and low cost, ancient universal shit is prob not a bad idea

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