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so the eee pc totally kicked ass today and yesterday.
i showed the tech helping me how to update guitar firmware with them, and he totally had them running non stop in parallel
yes i know ipad and iphone would be better for this
srsly stfu

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yeah i dunno man they give me a computer and i have to use that shit

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TekniQue: heh
agressive combat
and im pretty sure you can flag as spam in outlook...

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thats audible and visible

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lots of phones use 2.5mm jacks

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im prob the only one without a tv
i never liked will farrel
yes you have wtf
standard 1/8" TS/TRS/TRRS is 3.5mm
you prob have
sometimes you dont realize until you try and stick it into a 3.5mm jack
have to like rub it against the sides

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or i can just eat pizza and get paid without laughing because everyone else does
this was like 1998 or something btw
saw steven wright on bill mare
everything else was lame sitcoms

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hey that shit is awesome to see live
they pay you money and give you pizza

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quazimod1: spend $100 on a LCR meter

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quazimod1: could be anything
its prob a type of film cap, but it can be multilayer ceramic, or something rare
unless it says uF or MFD or n, its pretty much always pF
dont forget about nanos when you work out the code

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but it doesnt describe the quality of the wave
because a sine wave will show up as an undistorted triangle wave with that method
a true triangle has harmonics out to infiniti
which is impossible
because to instananeously reverse directions at peaks is impossible
dude im busy sorry
its the area under the triangle to a line midway between peaks
or over
for the bottom half of the wave
its a triangle, its 1/2 of the square wave RMS

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THD filters a fundamental and measure noise floor and the next highest peak harmonic
triangle wave is all harmonics, so youll need to measure the harmonics, how far out and how amplified they are
and look for any harmonics that arent supposed to be there
research what kind of harmonics a triangle wave should have
and filter those out, very very high Q filter
and anything left over is yout THD component
by definition

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incubus: FFT
and you prob cant use a normal THD spec
at least not calculated in the typical way

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