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but its all messed up from being thrown around and reading it while eating and drinking
maybe i never though about that
i prob just use my PDF copy
you may want to search torrents for that
but its a good book, i like having the hardcopy

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i know but im just saying, if you have that kind of resource, and you want to spend the time to learn, you can go farther without limiting yourself with arduino hardware limitations
oh thats neat
but what i would suggest is trying to do a 1 button version of your system
on the arduino, and then reading about logic chips and studying user interface schematics to get ideas for how to do it
if you can multiplex the 1 buttons worth of stuff with the arduino, with pins left over to controller the glue logic later, you can maybe just extend your project that way
mines fucked i read it so much
UPS threw it onto my balcony so it started with spine damage

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especially in the beginning, getting enough stuff to keep you busy at learning the shit can be frustrating
neat, at least youre not blind
anyway its not a difficult project, and even just trying to complete it could gain you a lot of experience, no matter how it turns out
so i dont mean to be a dick about it
but if you want to be able to do this shit, its about 80% researching via datasheets, application notes and white paper, existing designs, and quick n dirty prototyping
well it shouldn't cost $2k
for that price, you can design your own system from scratch and do PCBs no problem

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read them from the beginning and see
everyone learns this shit differently, but the common thing is usually period of time spent dedicated to learning the shit
you can get BSEE and not know much about designing electronics, and less about troubleshooting and repair
happens all the time
yeah well, trust me all of us in here know about that

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if you want a book about general electronics, digital and analog, written for non-EE majors, get art of electronics
i think it has a pretty decent section on logic, besides having a processors and microcontroller section
yeah but this isnt a small project
its not a difficult one, but its not small
like, if you wanted to control one button, 2 LED, 2 7seg displays, it would be an arduino project
that * 16 wants something a bit more specific
there is someone in here spent like 5 years trying to blink an LED
and we still havent seen anything
it is good
'its a texbook for some big name college, maybe stanford
well, originally thats what it was written for - and electronics course for non electronics majors

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the problem is you basically want to control like 400bits of io with maybe 10b or microcontroller pins
well i went to school for a few years and did this shit in *all* my free time
timecop just trolled in here for a few years without expecting us to do everything for him
and kevtris has been doing this shit since he was like 3 years old or something
other people went to school and got electronics engineering degrees
well, yeah i guess you could say that
anyway, typically its understood in here that it takes 2 to 3 years of pretty dedicated work to even get to a point where you intuitively understand circuits
well you need to study discrete logic components and design
timecop doesnt know shit about RC circuits and analog design, but he can prob do your project with just a little bit of help
again, im not trying to be an asshole or anything
but the amount of stuff you are trying to control would be a creative challenge and prob a set of compromises for the experienced people in here

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could have just bought a big avr and had full access to all io and designed the project in a way that makes sense
well, no
im pretty sure buying a breadboard, 40 pin DIP avr, and a $30 atmel programming dongle would have been cheaper
you would have had a pretty amazing, free IDE provided by atmel, with full hardware miluation
well honestly dude
if you want to do hardware and discrete electronics without reading datasheets, leave
youll likely just get trolled here
as is, youre prob going to need to buffer the LEDs with transistor switches
and it took timecop i dunno a year to learn that shit
or just do it like the pros do
an microcontroller and logic bits to tie it all together
because thats the definition of cheap and reliable
well at least youre capable of showing appreciation

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and really you want a bigger uC if you dont want a lot of ext hardware to have to code for
but your arduino, if im not mistaken, has a full 8b port
and maybe 6 extra io
and i assume the 5adc inputs can be configured as outputs
if not im laughing but i figure arduinos cant be that bad
no its more
maybe you cant access them with normal arduino libs, but theres like 10b io and 5b analog which may work as io
anyway, to do it simply
i would just a ton of 74 series latches
and connect them all to the 8b port
and then multiplex them with a decoder or three using the remaining io
so youre just multiplexing logic gates, but you should be able to access and display on the hardware without a timing drama
youll need to *access inputs
timecop: yeah it can be frustrating
like, if you have to bust out perfboard to finish an arduino project, i really dont understand arduino projects

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not to be a dick or anything
but why dont you just use a bigger avr
but youre going to want 8b latches for the 8b port
as input and outputs
then use spare io to plex the latches
so you dont have enough anyway without building hardware
anyway youre doing to much
maybe you just need 4 or 5 arduinos
im familiar with sequencers and io controllers
well, user io controllers
yeah well you can do it one uC
but your uC is already setup to do other stuff

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