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i have a quad core, its like 2.4ghz or some shit
and sometimes web browsing gets slowish and some sites and vids act retarded
like, every demo im seeing it acts like a low-mid range pc with an oem install os

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does 720 h264 fine, 1080 its not so smooth but i think its usable (reviewer doesnt), 1080 mp4 did fine, 720 youtube was jerky (but i thought it was usable)
so yeah it does HD, it just wont do heavy compression or high res youtube flash
im happy with that
i was happy watching svcd res divx for years
(also i need a new netbook and dont have a laptop)

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uh duh in 6mo performance will be up and itll be cheaper
i wanted to get the $500 lenovo
but supposedly it has shitty viewing angle
so anyway $120 off the newegg price is like, fuck yeah
stupid not to do it
i bought the eee 4g like almost 3 years ago?
it was 1st gen, shit is still useful
sell it on ebay for $50 more
and yeah who cares if people complain about linux drivers
if we gave a shit about that we wouldnt be using nvidia *or* ati cards

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its an oscillator
proportional positive feedback and delayed negative feedback

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i have the new dual in my cnc thing, is pretty awesome to build and use

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hmm fuck how do i change shipping address
well too late

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fuck i cant afford it should i get it
wait hell yeah
ill get it
and make work pay for it
because were using them for this trip
gonna buy a bunch anyway
irresponsible purchasing initiated
i was gonna buy the lenovo
but there was some reviews say shitty things about the touchscreen view angle
fuck i dunno ill find out
in what with the lenovo?
i wiped one of those
got all a girls bad pics off before giving it to her dad
so he could take it to be serviced (had to teather a crt, inverter was busted)
i just hit 'buy it!'

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yay my thurs night dnb people are doing radio show on my efnet jungle chan stream

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dracosilv: scope the IR receiver output
and look for the smallest pulses
that period is prob the comm freq
alternatively just look up ir recievers with bandpasses at digikey and try and get an idea of standard values and try those first
but fuck that, me i'd just scope that shit
oh jeez youre blind
do the same thing with the mcu
its synchronous tho you have to match
yeah duh wtf

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we hav gov agencies for everything
rich people are assholes
end of issue
rab: haha yeah seriously
fuck that
i wonder who is buddy holly

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rab: hi2u

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13:09 <@macegr> renesis: i'm actually going to see The Wall in december i think
macegr: i saw waters doing darkside whith exgf, pretty cool show. they did some other stuff, too
im not a huge fan of music in the wall, few great tracks but I dont think the work is great standing alone without the movie
fuck i would kill to see wish you were here live and complete, though
yeah i dont remember the command
.wz 91304
wrong bot

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fuck yeah
i love it when samples from pink floyd - wish you were here get all into the drum n bass

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yeah youre fine then
how much is avrisp2?
if stk500 is around $50 id get that instead
but its prob like $80
haha yeah cheapest is mouser for $80
stk500 is good hardware
ive abused the shit out of mine it still works cool
i still need to buy adapters for my stk600

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ishiboo: you need to make an adapter to plug the idc connector into a breadboard
besides that, no not really
and by adapter i mean like a 1" square piece of perfboard with some breakway pin headers
bit of wire
but really thats just how i did it, you could do it other ways
maybe crimp pins onto the ends of the idc cable
ishiboo: buy 20pf caps, like a strip of 20 at least
if youre doing xtal
yeah then you just need a way to get the isp onto the breadboard
and a .1uF cap for decoupling at the AVR
and a 10K to pullup the reset

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guys how come flo doesnt seem happy on the progressive front page
i dont think she likes taking pictures
maybe this photographer is a fuckhead
look shes almost crying =(

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