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blackmoon: because of the time it takes to shut one down, and turn one on
you have two slew rates
= slow
i was listening to this news radio thing where some geek talks about computers
and someone was like
like is that some backlash shit or what
mac users have become so brainwashed they thing they are this majority and using a pc is some form of rebellion
this is like how they switch back to pc and save face
theres maybe as many iphones as blackberries

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hmm no because there is more penis here than just reza
dude timecop they will read comment posts
as news
its sad
beyond sad
this is the 'credible' cable news agency, too
slew time is a bitch
but you decrease noise (extra capacitance to ground planes)
hi, cmos is fets
i imagine on low power jobs the cmos are biased so that the overlap in on time is minimized or eliminated

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i dont think ive been in any orgies
but who knows, i did a lot of drugs
fuck that reza guy
is that like how you can cure a cold with napalm?
this isnt about nick complete

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timecop: when you make gay pr0n all your life you prob have to get pretty creative to keep it interesting
because yeah girls busting ballons with their asses seems like a perfectly reasonable pr0n idea
hey i think ive seen that, looked pretty neat
wtf @ 'saw'
yeah man typical i watch HBO shows with my eyes
im flattered, i guess

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nice xB

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its forward conversion, no?
make a huge fuckin DC rail, chop it at high freq through a transformer, step down to your various rails, track the 5V rail for regulation feedback
we did one at exjob
i dont want to do it id rather buy it

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so its basically thermal tracking output bias w/ ability to set exact voltages, as opposes to combination of diodes

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and the bias current increases, depending on the voltage across Re1 and Re2
in horrible cases you get runaway
so yeah, with a Vbe multiplier, you create the bias voltage with Rb1 and Rb2
Rb1 is clamped by the Vbe of Qmult
this sets the current through Rb2 (plus some base current, buy high beta for this part)
so selection of Rb2 resistance sets bias voltage
when done right, you put qmult on a common heatsink with the output transistors
and as the Vbe of the output transistors decreases, the Vbe of the multiplier transistor decreases
which decreases current through the Vbe multiplier resistors which reduces bias voltage

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no idea?
yeah that is some analog genius shit
a Vbe multiplier
see back when no one had done anything yet, so you could get away with some raw design shit
they would bias AB amps with diodes
a diode for each power section Vbe
so like, a single NPN/PNP pair AB output would use two silicone diodes between the bases
anyway if the transistors heat up, their Vbe gets significantly lower than the silicon diodes

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hi nice, national has 'high voltage industrial applications' in the app list for it
at HV apps or pease drama?
twitter and facebook is for marketing department

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i wonder if there is a drama story to go with that
erek: no, ask in #nvidia
so i think i want to do this
but with more darlingtons
or do like a buffer bjt feeding multiple darlingtons
and what would really be pimp would be to class G it

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looks like you did pretty okay!
guys that is so hot
its like a 200V opamp without an output section
i have a sample for years now

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wtf are you talking about
nico: i saw one of those pulled over the other night
they are not so bad looking
that shit does not respond to 1MHz

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its shitty
i think 100KHz is pushing it
its pretty much designed for audio
its designed low bandwidth like that on purpose to keep HF stuff from freaking it out
maybe half its operating speed
not processed in realtime
with totally useless resolution on the measurement

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there is this place on the dark side of the moon where all the missing .3g goes
do they even sell ounces of coke?
i thought that was a weed thing, i thought coke was all about grams and kilos
i guess there is this huge gap between grams and kgs
like 900 something gram gap
i guess thats why ounces happens
my sister had it around a lot more than i was cool with
and i guess my dad breathed it
tons of people
erek say something about electronics

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tweak should be illegal
production and distribution
tastes like cold sake?
most of them are infractions
theyre not even misdemeanors
no idea, probably
macegr: anyway fuck legalization
i want full delegislation
no doubt
mfkn twentey eight point three jeez

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and beyond that, i have cali surpreme court basically saying limits are bullshit
they threw out the limits
they said the limits weren't legal, but specifically upheld the rest of medical law
erek: coke has always been medical
you can get it prescribed
but people will get into a lot of shit for it
Cocaine and Crack (freebase cocaine) are both Schedule II in the United States. This means they are illegal to sell without a DEA license and illegal to buy or possess without a license or prescription.
you can get a crack license
i wonder what that application office is like =\
that stuff feels like coffee
fuck that

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not rly you dont grow an oz
its still illegal for anything like that unless youre medical or caretaking for someone medical
well its like that now
this doesnt change much
it means i would have gotten a ticket instead of going to jail for almost a week
yeah its been like that for least decades
you didnt before really
i went to jail for an FTA
yeah because i got a ticket for a gram
and i skipped court because i had a test at school
uh yeah
no ive had a non felony record since i was a kid
no a gram is like two quarter size nugs
what im medical
im cool up to 8oz per the DA and state attorneys office

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some always have been
theres a few labs too

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exact strain makes a way bigger difference
and lots of stuff is hybrid
most seedy brick mex is sativa
its not
its diff cannabinaoid ratios, but not that one
thats the hemp vs dank and early vs late harvest stuff

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oh haha
the dot is there
its just fuzzed by his monitor and the vid compression
on the next page you can see the dot a little better on the nand

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yeah that means to do something with fury
i dunno that intro got me hooked, im excited
omg english prob isnt his first language
whats adas excuse

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22:11 < erek> kevtris: ever wanted to get into electrical engineering/computer engineering?
wtf 'get into' - he practically defines certain segments of it
haha people in totally unrelated channels im in will post kevtris blog links

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mmm lasagna

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