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okay im going to score some beet tar tar
or whatever
srs its good it makes me smile like tamarindo soda

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well i hope you get robbed again
well so im saying did you actually make 1.5k
or did you get somewhat compensated for the stress and time
and i love flo
i haave progressive
just liability but like hundreds of $K in it
so did you get a house or condo or what
under $2k?
thats a long pause
under $3k?
a month?
so youre paying almost $40k/month for a place

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4haha @ west valley = hood
well duh youre rich and spoiled
well if im gonna go robbin shit
im going to go where people actually have cool shit
and think their life is so awesome they shouldnt even have to lock their shit up

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it sucks instead of blows

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