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naw man those mfkrs are far
no u

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at spa, murdered eau rouge and such
also i got 3rd place race two
i think i will put #electronics sticker on my mini
k sorry channel you are sponsoring my car
niteshade: does the chan have a prob or something
i just got here
srsly i dont want to do laundry
but i dont want to be stinky
i will smell like tea tree, mint, and old underwear and socks
that does not sound sustainable
no i never smell like that shh

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blackmoon: haha boots of blinding speed
i would full screen the world map and drive my char around
fuck that
light grey text on black background
for life
oh guys

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IiIi heh battery

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i guess i should check my mail...
just a taste

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i should fix my website
one day

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those superflux style lenses have super even light tho
theyre not peaky in the middle at all
i would think that would make their mcd even lower
theyre good leds tho
xep used to i think
oh thi is #electronics
guys i need a bike lock
do you think they will let me walk my bike through the market?
no like grocery store
to buy a brush

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and dflops
if youre going to get logic
how is digikey not good for leds?
reputable leds on the cheap, yo
because they arent generic from china and no usually theyre not that much
because they arent reliable
and dont have accurate specs
do you know the angle?
interitus: you can get leds on digikey for like .05
for gen purpose use
theyre prob kingbright
fuck man i work on guitars at work and even it has leds

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look through the tools section
mfkn elle deez
you can always parallel wires for higher current

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wtf tazer barbs gonna go right through the paint

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i dont want to do laundry and dishes

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