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.wz 91302
.wz 91326
damn nice

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omfg too many peoples
!weather 91304
.weather 91304
.wz 91304

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oh you mean like just drawing the pcb
ive never failed enough to need internal layers =D
tho if i start spinning main boards for work, prob have to
almost positive the ui shit is either double or single layer
buttons, pots, encoders, displays, leds
those pcb never need internal layers, sometimes they dont even need duoble sided

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it would depend on the circuit, cost, and mechanical context?
in general double sided boards without internal layers are probably the most appropriate

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rab: ha you appear to have a problem lifting before rapids!
also there are several types of conicals
most straight cutters dont have the strength to maintain high feed rates
also the .005 tip 30 degree cutters have a limited life on my machine if i push it past 10ipm
however after breaking off the tip, theyre still good for PCB of about .015 space/trace (quick dirty single layer stuff)
ttmustang: hell no
http/dhcp on an 8b micro sounds like hell
rab: pretty layout

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uh, 55" is bigger
thanks for the commercial
k bye
macegr: loose dates have me leaving on the 2nd
should prob send me some of your business cards now, haha

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