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stops working
yeah it wouldnt matter they would just have to sweep up the floor or something
move my monitor over
check under the base, or under the mouse pad
he does he lives in utah
oh sweet
ac-130u: its super nice up there
because utah sucks
kevtris: its pretty cheap, too
also the politics are pretty balanced, people are friendly
i think because its so rainy its just nice to see people
people stay in a lot
maybe you leg was just asleep
youre pretty redneck anyway

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dude so does orange hand cleaner with pumi
rock salt works awesome
yeah an iso
the awesome thing about formula 420 tho is the abrasive
its coarse and it doesnt dissolve
but rock salt is so much cheaper it doesnt matter
and you can just go buy jugs of orange hand cleaner with pumice from vatozone for like $7
and itll be like 8x more in the bottle
its a little bottle
yeah i do ziplocks and table salt for pipes
since forever nico
`nico: it prob wouldnt take off all the tar ha
rock salt and iso is great
it slowshes around in the bong and gets the big stuff
for pipes its too big
fuck hemp nico
itll block your high
too many counter productive cannabinoids
rice works good too
with iso
yeah ruins pots =\
and leave a film of tar on the pipe
the neat thing about iso is it gets shit clean like new
you have to clean it like that or the tar stinks like iso =\
bag and table salt and shake it up
oh that doesnt work for me i have too much stuff
i dunno it becomes like tar saturated or something

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because typically you want to clones dozens and pick the best
then start off more than you want
and pic the rest
and its easier to deal with more small plants
than big huge plants
its a lot of work
for like 4 months
most people couldnt grow if they wanted too
no it is
not a ton but its the kind of thing you cant just get lazy a couple days in a row
its diff when you have to put the work
wtf do you do that you have time
`nico: what do you mean by how fast?
`nico: you seen my throbbing color fading thing?
i think thats updating at like 200hz
and the prob was mostly idle
oh dude
thats just orange degreaser
except its 20x more money

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when does that happen
i should do an absentee ballot
`nico: per the datasheet, pretty sure they can go >20MHz
prob like 5 diff times
i dont know how to answer that
it sells for 200-300/oz in qty
so it should cost less than that
but i mean theres initial costs and maintenance costs
and theres tons of diff setups
plus power bill
and weed prices will go up because it will be heavily regulated
and demand will outpace supply
they make it weird
hard to grow
like that 6 plant thing sucks for continuous grows

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pls2see my asm code
USI might be faster
.macro sb_clock sbi sb_c_port,sb_c_pin cbi sb_c_port,sb_c_pin
man that doesnt paste well at all
anyway my clock isnt nop'd, so i think its two cycles
oh that bit check looks like it might be 3 or 4 cycles

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asm ftw

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guys my paper shredder has a little bulldog on it and its hardcore

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check temp drift (ppm/c)
and check film type

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rheostat is a variable resistor
nope its a voltage divider
you have to short out half of it to turn it into a variable resistor/rheostat
i know they have ridiculous ones for old stage lighting

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what did they nuke?
haha ya rly

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had to prove you had more than one
if you have two you could have 20
yeah but no one else knew that
its better it just ended like that and we had a cold war
it would have been fucked if the war kept going with usa/uk/dk/ru all making their own bombs
like, non-apocolyptic nuclear war is almost scarier
well they prob would have if the war lasted years more
so yeah limited nuclear war scares me
like, if some country nukes another country
but then the whole world stops and doesnt destroy itself

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machining the raw materials isnt trivial
timing the thing is prob cake, now

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man so i finished my pcb but it doesnt feel finished

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blackmoon: it was the most addictive game i ever played

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