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i dont pay for the plane
haha CC
and food i still have to turn in that shit
most whole second week i was eating like twice a day at the factory
or eating lunch and going out someplace
so i wasnt even paying for foods
factory food was way healthier than how ive been eating at home

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ha i would prob end upp being randomly shipped to shenzen via HK
well theyre handling the hotel now
did i tell you the proj manager is gone now?
like, yeah thats gonna make things go faster haha
i dont want that
i just dont want my doorknob to fall out anymore
and i want the cleaning lady to lock the fucking door
k fine maybe

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i have to give 30 days
yeah its going to come up soon
i got the letter today, so until now it was just theory they were going to raise my rent
srs i actually thought that
but i have too much shit
well stfu
because i kind of know what the plan is and thats kind of what it means anyway
no srs thats why i said stfu
no but unless i push back or leave ill prob have to go a bunch anyway

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shit for that much i could get kickass shop space

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man fuck im pissed tho
i wanted to move out, like start to get ready a month ago
but im all like, in holding pattern for work trips and now my lease is up and rent going up $280 unless i sign up to be their bitch for another year
and even if i do it still goes up like $100 or something
that could have been my prelude money
month to month
6mo is somewhere in between im kinda like meh
my place is kind of cheap but its kind of little its not worth $300 more

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buy me a late model prelude
latest model
tigerdrink will build it and paint it for me for like $50 or who knows
in silver pls
they killed them for dx's bitch car
who wants the shittiest acura when you could have that
they still look modern theyre 10 years dead
he had no choice
so maybe i finance one
and park the volvo as backup
haha with a gallon of atf in the trunk

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kill one ripple get another
just use a big cap

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haha @ plural

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its generated?
morrowind is hand built

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then go back south then east tothe island with chrysemere
or whatever that sword is
and i save and try 20 times, and eventually fuck him up
then i got badass armor and badass sword
i played oblivion maybe 4 hours before i decided it was lame
haha yeah that shit was random

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man i used to make bank on potions
because i could carry tons because they weighed 0.0 or 0.1
i got north to the canyon where the guy with ebony armor is
then fuck his ass up

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blackmoon: =O
i dont even want to say how many hours i put into that game
incubus: haha no
oblivion was just a fallout 3 beta test

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i kind of like keef better

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dense nugs will like turn into little rocks when they get too dry
and theyll crumble instead of squish
dunno if it was dry enough when you got it its already shrunk
iunno, just sounds dried out
dry weed always crumbles
thats how you know its dry?
hash is like 20 diff things tho

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incubus: wat
just sounds too dry

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