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blackmoon: the good ones are around
i guess the hash bars are all gone which is kind of sad i never went to any around here
there was only like two

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but yeah pls2vid shorting batt2
pls2vid your thought experiment
which is that
i could ban you for being political
(do you get the joke how its funny because its me saying no political stuff)
yeah i dunno legalization so far has been a good and a bad thing
im registered as something
i have to go to the dmv anyway
its not yet
it will
because then there will be a push for legal distribution
why you bustin me for 3oz im getting it for 4 friends?

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is energy fucking up the matter around it, no?
thats what you see
what wire
a diode?
why just a diode
do not ground batt2+
then its like, everything blows up
wtf please you are the one asking questions about how do diodes work
so youre shorting one battery to 0.7V
current limiting with its internal resistance to who knows how many amps
oh i thought you were a totally diff convo

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look theres arrows on the schematic
think like the arrows
you dont design with coulombs usually
even if you did you can still do it backwards
thats fucked
you document in conventional flow
so you might as well think that way
anyway you know electronic energy is a fluid anyway
ether, mfkrs.
okay not rly but i totally think like its fluid
everything is atoms shakin around
matter is energy oscillating so fast it doesnt go anyway its stuck
gas is just stuck in a floaty state
*go anywhere

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and then
fuck you reality is wrong
it goes in the directions of the arrows
it is current, its not electrons
you document in conventional flow
datasheets are conventional flow

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i think conventional flow came first
no idea
i might be regged republican
i think i changed it back to decline to state or who knows
hey im not a jew
ask any jew

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fuck electron flow
the arrows point down
no fu
fuck metric
and your mom

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mexicans are the ultimate in trivia competition or what?

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mfkr unit41
hey fu you man
i went hiking at lunch today
haha @ lunch meeting with the salary people
i dont clock out for those, so i get paid to eat pizza, then im required by law to take a 30min lunch
thats the mil

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12:50 <@Rab> Every godddamn party here plays dubstep now, it really grates on me.
rab: haha i cant stand that shit!
its soooo sloooow
like, when the track drops, the drums fall away and the bass gets lower and drones longer
fucking makes 4 hours feel like 8
oh, but yeah, people dancing to dub step is like watching crowds of zombies idle around
everyone i say that too laughs because they cant deny it

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ive carried on all sorta of pcba onto planes
dev shit, canibalized shit
ha one was a pair of 100V 10,000uF caps
cans like 5" tall 2" wide
they were like, whatever

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excellent dnb ^

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oh cmon the first two is seriously 33% of efnet
i gotta go bye

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well i am but theres prob a password involved
i can still ban him itll just undo it in like 12 hours just show me times where shit happened
oh yeah im not here super often
wow friend pissed in his toolbox
cmon timecop that cant be a pumper troll

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if the 10v 1000uF cap is very low esr for a reason, going up in voltage can make things worse
because thats a tradeoff when you have higher voltages, your esr goes up (bad thing)
esr = heat, which is pretty important in most psu designs
well its prob not super critical so it prob doesnt matter
i dont got a bsee
but im prob already on lists
nope im a tech, i do work
no rly why im gonna be late
timecop: RLY GO NAOW
i dont have irc in my shower
12:05 my time tell me when it happened
im not in the bots

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