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one cap controls timing, one resistor controls current limiting
they suck
if you pass current through them, then shut the current source down, they will suck
and you get a negative voltage swing
which will swing the inductor over from suck to blow
creating a positive spike, and back and forth, etc
mc34063 has 8

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oh because its lower frequency
its efficient for a transistor switch
its also like $.50 and like 30 years old or some shit
yeah at like what 100mA?
all the shit you do, might as well use linear regs
it can do buck/boost/inverting?
its not even a comparable chip if it doesnt
so you cant throw a transistor on it to extend current to infiniti, and you cant get boosted or inverting
dude 3
inductor and cap and diode
every psu has a cap
most have diodes
inductors sucks but whatever

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i like this chip ^
(he doesnt mention yet but its cheap, too)
just an isense resistor, high side
you dont need it though
bitch internal is lame, current locked
you can throw external switches on this thing and do amps and amps
someone kick timecop for saying diodes are useless

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