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yeah i think i had issues both ways

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maybe one of those big 20mhz qfp avr

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urmom is an american acct
oh haha
i havent ordered shit
at this point obviously
shipped via backpack cat
k tiem for coffee and reinstall windows
i dont even know what i want from digikey

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haha you dont have sort by price
well that shit never logs you out so i dont see what the problem is

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do you see now?
Unit Price USD
after you VIEW PAGE button on the search filter page
Ascending Descending
i just pasted you the arrows
under my USD column header
haha jp gets no love

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holy shit
digikey sort by price is public

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contact gap 1mm
i think thats what i want

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G81 X-0.3700 Y0.7600 Z-0.1200 F5.00 R0.3750
are you some kind of pussy?
change R to like 0.10 at least
.050 or .025 is even more awesome

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guys do you think they make microswitches (limit switches, arcade buttons) that are less snappy?
the SPDT ones
so you could like, sound the time between switch contacts
ttmustang: no they did them wrong
remove the g82 from the x y coordinate line below the first line
its a modal command
you just state it once then follow it with X or Y or XY blocks
so when they put the 82 on the XY block, the controller it waiting for it to finish the command
this is from pcb-gcode?
the drill code is jacked up you dont have to paste
change the G82 to G81, remove any word that isnt X Y Z R F, and remove all the G82 from the XY blocks following the G81
g82 is like, drills with delay time its pretty lame
pecking is g83 i think

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prob depends on the brand

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fuck email servers
thats why i got a domain in the first place
to get free chip sample shipping
those is gnaa tools there would be lawsuits feer
oh he means lordpil?
that shit just scans his logs for nick
and spits to that weird blog thing
wow @ xml2twitter
lunix can social network?
dont do it
not surprised

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perfect carrot

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THE_GFR|W: find it show me
also i want the led backlit samsungs theyre still like $2k
ya duh
yeah i might just break down and get something ~45"
THE_GFR|W: welcome to 2014 do you have your $4000?
haha yea Arcturus` would hit a whole new lordpil google audience
meth ftl
wow i dont even know what that is
soul buthas

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it would be cool for movies and graphics
youd have to run diff dpi and hope apps gave a shit, heh
>50" 1080 LCD is like $1200 now
fuck that for a tv
fuck yeah

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jezus fuck i thought i had some sort of NSA robot in my carpet
its this stupid client chirping my speakers
maybe avrfreak has a wireless keyboard with dying batteries
maybe hes just the best troll ever
glad i dont have tv
kind want a 1080 55" monitor tho
for the wall at 10ft timecop
cost, timecop
show my dollar signs
right so you are blaming me for the decisions of marketing people
srs stfu

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guys stainless steel cooking stuff is so win
like who cares if it sticks to the pan a bit it comes right off when you clean the stuff
fuck that iron drama

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if its two big and the pcb is warped itll maybe sit on it with a gap
it know where the top of the plate is
you can just run the program again with a slightly diff offset, anyway

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what do you touch off with?
i like rice paper rolling papers
.001" ftw
to zero your tool
fuck that
youre just gonna add the board thickness to the spoil board offset?
gl with that
because if you only go .005 deep, .002 will make a difference, probably holding the pcb against the spoilboard while you screw it down will push it in .002-.005
thats why i said go .010
on a .060 board youre not gonna hurt the fiberglass, and youre def going to clear all the copper
i guess
how does that work
little bumper on a shaft

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i would throw one on to fuck around, just jog the machine at diff feeds at 20k
but seriously, go fast
yeah with a tool that big youre not worrying about breakage
you want to find the right depth to get the trace edges you want
thats pretty goofy tho
little pcb on a big vacuum table
naw go .010
did you flycut the spoilboard?
flatness is an issue, going a bit deeper usually helps a bit

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like around 10ipm
10K rpm, and really between 5-20 ipm depending on precision of the board
oh, yeah you can prob go faster if the machine is stable
whats the spec of your board?
like the trace width and gaps
what like a vacuum table router?
or the little thing you made from plywood
dude, fly
haha what it goes >1000ipm, normally?
thats funny
omg youre wasting spoilboard
try 20ipm
what kind of tool?
yeah it works
vacuum never sucks enough on the little stuff i would cutout
do you have a lot of copper clad?

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dmm for people

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