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oh i thought he meant larger like physical size for the same value
larger value = more electrons stuck to the plates

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heh mean

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price and maybe esr

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i was going to argue
but then i looked at the calc output

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there is blurred silk
you can do vector in eagle
er non vector
pretty sure it exports
do you still have the global override shit on?
oh really?
that sucks

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dracosilv: 1K
dracosilv: 1K
10k you cant really see unless its dark
yeah really anything between 220 and 4.7k is prob fine for 5v and most led
be like sticking your eyeball on the led trying to see something

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haha did you ever do anything with that?
its useful for molded cases i guess
just for sb
could prob make a case for that easy
looks good
the clear zipties are ++, want

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did you put pics yet?!
oh damn what happened
i cant get a nice phone because it would get smashed in my pocket =\
im getting a backgammon set tho
i pay insurance i just lose it
kind of yeah
well yeah at least some place you can stick aluminum standoffs or rubber buttons to

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i should time my asm thing
i think there is enough time between string updates it can load ram from rs232
then the software just has to send updates
yeah thats neat
then if you needed fast update you could just stream in data and some sort of sync
i dont know how to do it fast any other way
yeah its more noise and ps sag tolerant
you dont see them

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almost as good as the movies
tesla coils will knock an sb out
if thats what you mean
how does it update
like address:data
or it streams in

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`nico: do you have to refresh the string from software?
or firmware will do it
well prob the best interface is just a cache in the device that the firmware will output at a fixed refresh
so the firmware is basically a rs232 to sram and sram to bitbang shovel
so i would do bitbang on a timer int loop and do rs232 stuff in the main loop
well i do bitbang because it works on any pin
my code isnt device specific really
its maybe assembler specific, i dunno if itll work with lunix avr stuff
prob not because of the conditional preprocessor stuff

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well, no $500 would be too much for backgammon
that means i win

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yeah i dunno fuck that c shit it is to hard to figure out where all your data is at
the LED channels thing i guess
fuck man i was supposed to start laundry an hour ago
and do dishes
all ive done is setup a snipe for a backgammon set
hope i win
watch i will do like the AP sys one and totally raise my snipe like $500 being nervous about losing
who needs retard early bidders to jack up the price when you have yourself

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that pulls data sry
sb_st 2,r1,r2,r3
.macro sb_qconfig ; shift out config word (fast, no input)
in sb_send_all it loops that out as many time as you say there are shiftbrights in sb_config.inc
and if you wanted to use USI, you would just make another config flag in sb_config.inc
and use the conditional preprocessor stuff to use the usi code instead of the bitbang code
thats how i did the 8b and 10b code

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yeah i just show out the same word to all db im pretty sure
i think i hard coded it too
like in my code you actually have to change the bits in the bitbang lines of code
well in the higher level code its just like, update_sb_control or something
then it just loops through the hard code bitbang n times before latching
haha right i even did 8b and 10b processing modes
there thats your simple cmd
sb_ld 1,r1,r2,r3 sb_ld 2,r4,r5,r6
just keep loading r1 r2 r3

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because the dds in a dds color gen was a bit hard for avg user to figure out just to see how to send out data
whatever you normally send
just update it
what it should be
if a color/control select bit got flipped by noise, you just clobbered your control reg
including two bits which send the sb into a manufacturer test mode and who knows what that does
its like 30 bits of color, and one bit to select the other reg
never had to know i always set it
because there is current calibration regs
really you have 18bits of control
set it so faster internal oscilaltor
i just jacked them up to see how bright
i think so
im just saying use the faster one
then the other two bits need to be set how the datasheet says
some internal test mode

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c) just being a pitz category dork
does it refresh config after latching in data?
my shit shot out data then immedately updated all the config regs
tesla coil hardened ftmfw
macegr: somewhere in the code, yeah
but that code was all made to be sb daisy length dependent
so it just did everything to n shiftbrites by default
long cables wooo
after sending all the color reg data
send out config red data
well my shit refreshed at i dunno 100hz or 200hz
so even if it loaded junk it prob fixed it before it was noticed
(my shit looked like a slow throb but it was an illusion)
it should be setup like that in the example code
but the example code just blinks two sb green and purple alternating

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warlord: pitz is like on the razors edge of a perm ban
00:51 < SUKI^[tm]> with no amnesia or memory loss...
00:51 <@BlackMoon> SUKI^[tm]: that you know of.
hahaha trudat trudat
mr gr, hallo der
inittab just does it by nick
i just made that up
but maybe its truth!
maybe same IP root and username
okay hit the /cycle
i got your back
(btw i dont remember my bot pass not sure i ever had one)
that doesnt make sense it ops me
okay see im full of shit, pls2be calmed
a) your nick
b) bought the wrong etype

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hmm friendgirl says she has some backgammon set i taught her with that i stole from a group home
wow i am an ass. now there are placement kids with no backgammon

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that sounds like blackout shit
you dont remember shit you do half asleep in a blackout
this is why i suggested keeping the troll around in the first place

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this is only one tentacle of the overall SUKU^[fu] system
suki^[tm]: no way i am down to be landing asleep in a foreign country
or dealing with chem depressants
wtf 2 hours

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well im just not trying to get arrested in foreign countries
so i guess i wait until we hit the landing pad
on the way back
yeah it reels in like a seatbelt
it even works most of the time
they would know i dont sleep on long trips
i played like 6 hours of backgammon and reversi
man i love backgammon
if i was gonna be a gambler that would be my game

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your sensors and processing are going to be way faster than the elements ability to heat the system
whatever, stop being a pothead
tho we realized this is the perfect way to get medical herb legal on the airplane
what smoke
haha they could make it illegal to toast your herb
no integrated into the airplane
like theye would be a glass taper outlet on the seat in front of you
and a button on the remote for the movies and games
omfg the last plane i was on
one side of the remote, normal tv remote with dpad and vol/chan and tons of other wtf button
plus cabin light, air, ding the attendent girl
then you flip it over
its got an analog stick and snes layout controller + qwerty keypad
im like how do i get this in usb
its prob some sort of serial
its not on a connector =\
its got heavy fabric insulation, seems like at least a 4 wire cable, like 3/16" thick

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worked for me
most higher power systems are pretty slow response you can duty control them on like 10 second or one minute periods that even a relay would prob be okay with
yeah eventually
it depends a lot on the load, like how fast your element will heat up and how well its coupled to what its heating and what material its heating
i would just do a 10 cycle period and vary number of cycles through
you dont need pid with most heat stuff
unless its really quick response
like you are heating passing air in a 1/8" tube with a few coils of nichrome
if youre heating a bucket of water, you dont need anything fancy
prob dont even need hysterysis

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haha @ security guards minivan a little bit on fire

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dioxide: is it a marijuana leaf hologram!?
prob so they can track what SA you are going to
i totally succeeded at getting enough sleep this weekend, i think
there was like, a warehouse and shuttle vans and a huge block of dub step kind of fucked it up

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timecop will claim to predate that
which kind of makes it funnier
why didnt you already have timecop.com registered
and why did you expect them to know what email was in 1994
im not saying they like the people of the internet (mil/uni)
i mean they, douchebag movie company admins

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which is the opposite of making everything shittier, shrug
well okay
i dunno if thats audiophools or steam punkers you are talking about
but jedi geeks were running around with plastic tubes and incadescent bulbs like they were ghenghis khan and abe lincoln in one
i dont think steampunkers are any diff
at least they make more shit
i thought garetts steampunker VU meters were pretty er337
tho they were audiophool as fuck, not being calibrated as far as i know
timecop still seems to be butthurt over me comparing it to anime =(

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seems like standard comic/anime culture to me
least it has a literature background
please to reference failout, same deal
its modern world if miniaturization never happened
steampunk is like, information age hits before they know a ton about mass production and electricity
pretty cute
in any case audiophools take normal objects and make them ground breaking, worth their weight in gold, physics defying

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well whatever thats because you hang in troll chans and freenode chans
real advocates will install debian on everything they can get their hands on
old lady next door running ubuntu because she didnt ever know what windows is
convincing every business they do work with to convert their backend junk to the lunix
well since they mostly use web and email and media, their experience is prob better than in windows

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damn illegal to have a scanner capable of certain bandwidth in your car in los angeles

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haha @ listening to peoples cordless handset conversations

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skype on my stereo was waaaay better than any cell phones calls ive had
like anyone has normal phones anyway
you should talk to ccfl man his is also into vintage phones
he is

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industry standard, lots of app notes and datasheets for audio chips will have AP plots (slightly annoying to look at with an AP logo in the corner)
also once you use one you are pretty much in love
like all relationships, there is problems, but the APs are so awesome you kinda laugh about the little annoying software details
can also script them in VB for QA work

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this is the thing i bought for almost $2k and got pissed and sent back had to wait like a month and a half to get my money back from paypal
but they will do freq response in seconds (give or take depending on how you set up the analyzer aquisition parameters and how many freq points you sample)
and do THD down to like .0006% or something
dioxide: well it makes logical sense i guess but im still amazed it worked
was like too easy
the other techs i tell usually go 'wait that works?' and im like 'i know! i didnt think so either!'
because normally using three amps for a 3rd order filter would get you fired
well whatever we have to show this data to people
so even if we FFT the THD we would still do it on an AP

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they replaced the amp in that series of speakers
and they were like MAKE THIS AMP DO LIKE OLD AMP
old amp had a 3rd order active filter circuit that just didnt exist in the new one
so i hijacked the 10uF coupling caps with fixed destination impedance and put the active filter in like three other stages of the circuit
and ltspice said it worked but i was like no wai but then i built it and AP said it worked and i was like ok
audio precision, in this case a system one 22A (standard dual generator dual analyzer no dsp unit)

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prototyping is eeeeeeasy
whatever mass production is haaaaard =(
people will eventually pay you 12x as much to make one when you can tell them 'well i dont this 450,000 times'
*done this
they got my shit into walmart \o/

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fuckin troublemaker chicks
yeah they cause the most trouble too
i had to like help cleaning staff at my junior high
i learned to mop like a pro

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guess dioxide has nothing better to do on sunday
get the datasheets for the biggest chip on the pcb
naw were all full of shit
go to school
well let you know if youre taking to long
2 years is too long
4 years is just silly
hes deaded?
oh, well its always been maybe if hes not in chan
i wasnt even in school then heh
well youre known exceptional

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it usually happens when you get sick =\
im not sure but i think you pick up antibodies from your mommy so its not strictly genetic
incubus: yeah duh i says why earlier
because its not a primary natural selection trait
money and success are
science can fix common bacteria and lots of virus infections if you have money or are somewhat successful
so your bodies ability to fight this shit isnt really priority
still do
i did at least =\
korean business etiquette: eat everything
heh ew
i ate raw beef covered in raw egg
i asked if they were american kows
and they debated whether it was korean or australian beef
im like cool as long as it isnt american
likwidchz: schematic or device datasheet or go lookup standard jtag pinout for that type of connector

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and i ended up drinking some while swimming and i didnt get sick
i also ate raw beef and eggs a few weeks ago without getting sick
so i dunno maybe im not average
anyway food poisoning, bad water, urinary tract infections
like, its tons of diff bacteria your body has to figure out how to fight that shit
incubus: not everyone lived by running water
some people prob had to drink swamp water
maybe everyone got sick the first time
and half died
then the ones left couldnt find any other water
so they drank more
and they got kind of sick and a few really sick
but this time no one died
and then after a few weeks they were fine
dioxide: exactly
your body will make antibodies to fight new shit

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oxygen yay
natural selection
if they couldnt deal with the germs in the water they died or moved
incubus: you could go to a foreign country and drink the water, and in some places without medical help, youd prob die
locals been doin it all their life can drink the water like whatever
maybe because they eat spicy food all their life
and eat certain herbs
whats a myth?
thats food can affect your general state of infection?
incubus: the bacteria is different, people have moved to new bacteria
but its no longer a primary natural selection trait
lots of people drink river water
in WA i swam in red water
in a lake, with tons of locals

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