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just take any inverter off anything and connect the wires at random
100% chance of win

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anyway, in my experience there is one big difference between people who know their shit and people just know enough to get by
people who know their shit do this shit all the fucking time
outside of school and work
dioxide: HI
er capslock

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i have an AS in electronics, and an AS in cnc setup/programming
*didnt do university
engineering tech in audio engineering
engineering tech is basically, you do a lot of stuff engineers would do if there was actually enough of them
plus the typical dirty work of an electronics/manufacturing/acoustic tech
sure but im learning more like this
they dont teach you manufacturing and bullshit office building politics in universities

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like if you can already program a bit and have no trouble fucking around with computers and dont care about networking so much, you prob dont want a ce
yeah thats an ee
really its a mechanical engineer and an electronics engineer
and at the end, a manufacturing engineer talks shit at them
not really
CE is for programmers
like if you finish a CE, you should be able to program drivers
well, if they can program maybe
but the ee is more likely to design the device the ce is writing drivers for
its just the academic focus
you can do whatever you want with it
but generally, CE stuff can mostly be picked up on your own if youre the type to succeed at that type of stuff
EE and ME are harder to figure out on your own
i did do university

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17:53 < tenbytes> what can an electrical engineer make that a computer engineer can't?
CE is usually alot of comp sci and a little bit of ee
so yeah, probably a real power supply, prob has less design for manufacturing skills in terms of academic background and typical experiences in the field
but if you need a guy who can work an rs232 cable and associated connectors and dipswitches, CE is your dude
also in the schools i looked at, CE was usually in the computer science department
and ee was in the engineering department
ee unless you are already pretty good at electronics
then maybe me or some embedded/control type engineer
at chico they called that shit mechatronic engineering

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last blog is mid 2009, does not look good
CARGO might not be open - but THE HIVE is hosting some drum and bass events!!
Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=145747966&blogId=500162712#ixzz0xwGLILFq
omg myspace jacked my paste and appended linkback
hmm how do we integrate this feature into blackmoons browser
also website is dead

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rab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzo4JvkW5js
i think korea hides the dnb in seoul
ha wtf they are doing blind pinata at dnb in korea?

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just dont shake, shrug

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