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enco 10% off free ship codes
i bet in the small print its like, yeah except inspection plates, obviously.
Minimum order requirement of $99.00 must be met prior to tax and shipping.
Free UPS Shipping is limited to shipments under 125 lbs.
they dont say the fucking weight

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hey i remember playing that game for like an hour
driving was cool
also i remember having some sort of shootout at a bar
guys im not gonna get seat post until next week
er the shim and clamp for seat post

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say hello to your new friend wormtrojan.dll

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hate that
i always bitched how i wished digikey had photos on their part pages
and they put it there and i will stick fuck up at connectors every couple orders
yeah like 2 years ago?
the best one was when i could find a 20A IEC
couldnt (i rabbed)
and then after searching harder it showed up
but i got it and it turned out to be a scaled up IEC without the two cut corners
just a boxy plug with small corner radius
dude it sucked i was like YAY THEY HAVE JUST ONE
they wouldnt rate the IEC plug shells 15A either
they were all rated 14A haha
yeah between 14 and 18
they make 20A ones tho
its still a 120V/15A plug but they feel heavier and its either 12 or 14 awg

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macegr: i dont think i won the headphones =(

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just means they turned that factory off
or possibly they were sick of adding to the errata list

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