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depends on the circuit
do two cuts about .050 apart and pull the trace in between out

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you said that last week
you have to at least think of one more and like alternate

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omfg dnb is too popular
everyone showed up for mampi that shit was crowded =\

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danielson: http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=62218&st=0
more than itunes can be controlled by tewbs
aaaw shit
mampi swift tonight

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mfkr if i have to write upside down with wet hands the pen better be up to it
its not grippy with slick finish
so no, not rly

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fine writing utensils shouldnt cost more than like $6
and most are around $2
you shit you linked before doesnt even have a proper grip
youre a fuckin pc tech class has nothing to do with anything you need like a 10 pack of pens that kick ass that wont slip out of your fingers
then youre fingers are slippery at that moment
that shit looks heavy too

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