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want some molex hps?
for your hhc you can be a groover

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should i do it?
timecop: beep
do you still want those seikochips or what
wasnt that like 6 months ago
how many wtf is it
you want 5?
what package

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timecop: fallout, pre miniaturization
doped silicon semiconductors = big deal
timecop: really also dont finish fo3
just keep playing ending kind of kills it

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when you rip open the baggie you can breath in router dust from both of your designs

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dont those look diff?
like they have the little circle where the sprinkler pops out like a laser turret

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the speaker vents?
haha $40

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wire jumper
ha @ 100C traces with side by side caps above
thats gonna leave a mark

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open up china design playbook, follow flowchart, diagram says throw some wire and a alot of solder on it
that one is tiny, but when its a big wire it looks like itd make soldering it more of a bitch
little solder tent?
guess that makes sense

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hipots when it would fawires in solder is a hack i dont care if ive seen it on like 80% of all the budget PSU ive opened
er *il.
i kind of figured they did it all at once
before slapping the sticker on
well fine it was prob blowing up that trace in some form of testing

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nice second pic
heh note the wire in the solder blob
solder and trace just kept failing during hipot
desperation move
like in the next rev they prob use a wire jumper

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your reward is prob the same psu, reworked

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how do you get an AA degree in electronics did you learn about the history of electronic terms and study biographies of all the great electronics researchs who gives their namesw to our parts?
hmm i wonder if other hacker is home
Associate of Applied Science in Electronics and Computer Technology
even at devry its an AS

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macegr: day off
fucked up, napped all day
hmm k
no idea when i am going back
no more tomorrow
know, whatever

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eggsalad: how old is your brain file now?
eggsalad: wat
eggsalad: failtroll

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eggsalad: explain urmom
very good eggsalad
well yeah its kind of hard to rationalize why becoming a murdering demon makes the she girl fall in love with you
*shy girl
at first you think its the tentacle hydra penis, but then you have to sit thru 30min of them convincing you its something about sharing vulnerability and being misunderstood

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moon is half the size of the sun
macegr: i dunno understand why they are not best friends with the xtians they are like soul mates
whatever everyone kills everyone
they are like one brain on body
i dont understand why people insist on needing a religion to know that its better to be nice and not fuck people over
yeah killing people and stealing shit isnt good, you need to know everything to know that?

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guys almond butter is goooood
looks man all your particles have a tiny bit of soul and your conciousness is all these particles working together trying to do the same thing
and when you die they all stop trying and the little pieces of soul fade into the bigger counciousness of the whole universe
physics 101, look it us use the index
its just a big soul blob moving among soul gasses in empty soul space
well obvious that will lead to detablization in rotational axis

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like we only get that way for about two months (like, now) and then we get some rain like 3 months later and most of the time its pretty green
like they dont even have grass
like itd be weird to grow up and yucca plant is the closest thing you have to grass
i dunno does UAV talk of ending jews or car maintenance?
maybe they are in their quiet getting to know us phase
this shows some small knowledge of irc policies
shnabber: youre trolling man youre doing it now
i do not have the charset for such things

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coachella and nat orange show and the glenn helen pavillion
besides that and various spiky plants, that place is pretty dead
when we drove back from NY, as soon as we got out of san bernadino and hit morning traffic towards downtown on the 10, i was at home
the valley would be like calabasas
and the coast is always the coast
like, san bernadino and lancaster is where it goes from semi arid somewhat tropical to like, arid death

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tho i mean, that could just be efnet bosses on drugs having a laugh
anyway chanfix represents services, even if limited and possibly a little broken, its still one step closer to being dal or freenode
when they do services there will have to be an EFFnet

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too many geographically oriented chans for the homogay culture with topics in bright everycolor
also they want your email
i killed dalnet?
no sir i cannot claim this success as mine
sir, efnet can never die
whatever redneck
yeah they have that its called gnutella
who runs shit?
no one
efnet needs unfair mfkrs on drugs running shit
and a chanfix bot thats eternally broken
anything less would be bullshit
its better now
trust me it used to be on crack
well when its directed its fine
but maybe points system was messed up or i dunno
sometimes it would automatically do silly but annoying shit
like youd see some troll take a chan, chan gets guy deop, then chanfix would come back and op the person

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on the way there when we cut across the panhandle
thats when we saw that storm literally like 300mi away
driving towards it
deciding who drives next
south texas was really pretty
a lot like the la county/san bernadino ocounty border before it turns into fucked up dry desert
no efnet was netsplitting because efnet is a bunch of losers and drug addicts
then i got here and losers committed suicide and drug addicts became more skilled
and dalnet is a scary place

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so several square miles doesnt even sound like a full mile radius
well thats what im saying to make those antennas work well, short of going under 10x100ft of concrete and rebar, you need to pump mad power into them
cartennas need like 100mi range
line of site or with trees and stuff
i know you live close to wastelands
oh thats neat
hey whatever flat barren landscape for 300mi to the east and west is prob just a 30min drive for you
okay 40min
pfft i think it didnt even take us an hour

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man i am answering teh werk emails
on my day off
13:31 < timecop> lol efnet is dying
efnet was dying almost 10 years ago when i got here
theres probably only 500 users for real
everything else is spam bots
and those 500 users are probably never going to be able to leave
so until we hit 499 im not even trippin
well yeah 10w at what range
big transmitters are probably several hundred
maybe few thousand

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its generally bad to parallel diodes in order to share load in order to buy cheaper diodes
one of them could be closer to a fart and hog more of the current and blow up
probably but i still wouldnt do it unless they were both capable of withstanding the maximum load on their own within spec
well thats not in series
er parallel WHATEVER

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rab: cartennas arent tuned its why am/fm transmitters are huge
just put out jiggawatts and the antenna works
i did
we did that first semester with resistors and sources
in engineering thinking outside the box generally fucks you
wtf yes really
the_gfr|w: sound engineering is based on tested and known working techniques
outside the box is for top level designers
you have to try and accomplish this stuff with inside the box methods

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